Single mothers who want to go back to school may find themselves in a pinch. They are in need of college scholarships for single mothers.

These single mom scholarships can make a very big difference whether a young mother can attend school or not. Single mothers often find themselves in difficult financial situations where putting food on the table can be difficult. Paying for college and all the associated costs plus day care is simply not feasible for most single mothers.

But these days, it can be difficult to get a decent job without some sort of college certification. So what's a single mother to do? The answer is found in various college scholarships for single moms. These are special scholarships offered by both the government and private organizations.

One way for a single mother to get funding to go to college is to apply for federal student loan aid. The federal government offers student loans to all people going to college. The main criterion is financial need. A single mother can apply for federal student loans and qualify for both the subsidized Stafford student loan and the Perkins student loan.

However, as a single mother, you have a good chance of being able to get the Pell grant which is free money. There are also some other grants that as a single mother you stand a good chance of qualifying for.

It's possible to seek out private organizations that offer some sort of loan or grants for single mothers with children wanting to go back to school. The best way to find if any private organizations offer this type of loan is to simply look online to see what you can find. There are single mother financial aid websites that are dedicated to helping out single mothers who want to go to school. It's best that you look for these guides for more information.

Another source for scholarships for single mothers may be your employer. If you work for a Fortune 500 corporation (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc), these companies sometimes have scholarship funding for their employees to go to school. You usually won't get all of your tuition paid for, but you stand a good chance at getting part of your school fees paid for if you qualify. This type of scholarship may not be for everyone, but it's worth pursuing as an option for college funding if you find your employer offers this. Getting scholarships for single mothers is not an easy task and will require work on your part, but with a bit of searching on your part, it's certainly possible.

Another ready source of funding are various students loans for single mothers. While these are loans and not grants or college scholarships for single mothers (meaning you have to pay the funding back), it may be worth considering getting a student loan to pay for your college tuition. There is a cost, yes, but the benefits to your career and potential future salary will more than make up for the extra costs. As previously mentioned, there are federal student loans you can qualify for, such as the Stafford and Perkins loans, and there are private student loan lenders that you can look at pursuing. These grants are very good financial aid for single moms.

The best way to find loans for single moms is to look online and see what you can find. You can look at various lenders' websites to see what loan programs that have for single moms. Make sure to look at as many lender websites as possible so you get a good idea as far the loan terms and interest rates go.

College scholarships for single mothers do abound, if you go about actively searching for them. You may be forced to seek a combination scholarships, grants, and student loans to pay for your college, but rest assured that there is funding out there for you to get the college education you need to upgrade your career and find financial security.