Online College Tutoring

Surviving College Stress

The statistics are sobering.  Over one-third of college students entering universities in the United States and Canada are not ready for the course work  required to earn a degree.  Mega dollars go into tuition, books, room and board.  With struggles and potential failure in classes go lost dollars, opportunities for the best jobs, and self-esteem.  Getting help immediStressed College Studentately once a student struggles proves a key to overcoming the obstacles.  Until recently, getting  quality help involved large sums of money for private tutors or joining pre-set group help sessions.  

College Online Tutoring as a Solution

Offering a solution now are online college tutoring services. CNN recently spotlighted solutions provided  by such businesses.   Struggling students connect directly to a live tutor to help them one-on-one directly from a computer,  iPad,iPhone, or iPod.  No less than incredible is the offer for help.  Students can turn to the service for homework or test preparation assistance.  

Why Consider College Online Tutoring Versus Sessions in Person?

Online tutoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Now THAT is helpful knowing the hours college students live.  All subjects are available as well as preparation for SAT and other tests  Getting help requires no driving or travel.   Archiving of every session for future reference  in some of the services is available.  Instructors always give help versus  mere answers.  What is the best part of the help?  Some offer a guarantee of improved help.  Now that is nice!

How Expensive is Online College Tutoring?

Prices vary a bit, but session typically are less expensive than a live personal session.  Most start at about $35 an hour and give discounts for multiple hours per month.  a monthly plan of choice.  The student signs up for Testimonials tell a tale of help given providing an insurance policy of sorts when a course appears difficult early on.

Who are the Instructors Used in College Online Tutoring?

All teachers are experts in their field.  Professional teachers and college professors grace the "halls" of the online tutoring college.  Students work with instructors in a one on one session. Some services delineate the countries from which all of their instructors hail.  For instance, one well known service advertises all instructors being from the United States and Canada.

Is Help Available for Students Other than College Students

Yes, tutoring services now offer help for all ages of students.  In addition to individual plans accessible from home computers, specific plans exist for military families, schools, libraries, and institutes of higher education.