College Finances

Scholarships and Grants


We all have that desire to move ahead in life in every aspect of our lives; like wanting to grow in your relationship, getting promoted at work, finding that new latest electronic to replace that old one etc, and when it comes to education, nobody wants to repeat a class whether in middle or high school, let alone stop schooling after high school and getting a job, not because you are dumb or no college wants you, you may have offers from more than a college but we all know money is most high school leavers’ limitation or the factor that makes most high school leavers not respond to such college offers. College education is really expensive these days, those who end up going to college are either of affluent parents or on scholarship. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be concentrating on the scholarship aspect. Scholarships and educational grants need no introduction, they provide a good source of college finance for students who either are struggling financially or deserve it based on their talents. Sometimes, the student may be faced with both, and scholarships and educational grants like the Pell Grants, is a way out of such problem available to such students.

A scholarship is awarded a student based on merit and most times, has some conditions attached, like the beneficiary, required to maintain a grade point average above a predetermined grade point in order to qualify, and must be applied for. It could cover course materials, accommodation, and tuition, or only the tuition fee. It is limited by the terms of the scholarship which may be for just an academic year, a number of years, or for the duration of a degree course. Grants on the other hand also have to be applied for, but unlike scholarships, it is a one-off payment granted for a certain purpose. It could be for a topic you are working on or a housing grant if you family earns below a certain level.
As long as you are attending an academic institution for a period of time, you can apply for a scholarship and usually, the application form is quite extensive and has to be completed in no rush, but with much care and seriousness, guided by the principle of Utmost Good Faith (i.e. every information provided in the application has to be true, and holding no little detail). Please take this step as the most important because any mistake can get your application discarded; you also have to consider that there are other applicants like you who could be numbering in thousands, you cannot afford to play in such competition for a limited issue. Carefully read and understand the instructions attached, and ask questions to clear all grey areas in the instructions or on the application. Bottom-line, you need to make your application stand out from the crowd.
As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket: a single application isn’t enough, it wouldn’t hurt to have a plan B.  It is worth applying for several scholarships and grants at any given time, you don’t know which one might work in your favor. Financing is really important to college students these days, except you are a millionaire’s child; you owe it to yourself to give in your best in terms of you scholarship and grants applications. Don’t joke about this, it’s your future we talking about here. Good luck as you go about financing your college education.