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New Orleans- a great city for the college experience!

Let me start off by stating that I

a) grew up in New Orleans

and that I

b) graduated from a New Orleans University.   The University of New Orleans, actually.

So I am highly qualified to write this article, and can give you te insider scoop on colleges in New Orleans.

There are tons of great schools to choose from in the city of New Orleans, so I will try and go through each one of them, and tell you a little bit about them. 

First let me tell you why New Orleans is a great city to have that "college experience" in.  First of all, we all know about Mardi Gras, Burboun street, and the French Quarter.  These are all great things to explore!  There is also the river, and the lake Pontchartrain, which is great for watersports.  Jazz Fest and Essence Festival are both huge yearly music festivals.  There are tons of great restaurants with all sorts of different price ranges.  There are also many different areas of New Orleans that each have their own little quirks and interesting shops and characters to get to know.  There is always something going on in the Big Easy!

Now on to the schools....

The University of New Orleans, my Alma Mater

University of New Orleans
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UNO- a great school with reasonable tuition

I had a great experience at the University of New Orleans.  It is a very diverse school, with people from all stages and walks of life.  There are many just-out-of-highschool freshmen, but there are also many working proffessionals there as well because UNO specifically caters to the non-traditional student as well. 

There are dorms for housing, as well as semi-private apartment style housing and married student housing all on campus, as well as plenty of off-campus nearby options.  Not much of a sorority/fraternity life (although there is some- it's just not big-time like it is at other schools.)

The school size is approximately 11,000 students.  The University of New Orleans tuition is a reasonable 2,000 per semester for full time enrollment.  This is definetly the best value in town.

Credit: Tulane Public Relations

Tulane- a great school with a great reputation, but pricey

Tulane is in a great area of the city, right in the heart of uptown.  It has a great national reputation for many of it's programs.  There is a very active fraternity and sorority society at this school, as well as many fraternity and sorority residency houses available.  There are also dorms available for residency, as well as many options in Uptown as far as apartments.

There are many opportunities for student employment both on campus and off at the mant restaurants, shops, and other businesses in this busy sector of New Orleans. 

The biggest downside to Tulane is its' extremely high tuition.  Per semester, for full time enrollment, the tuition and fees are, as of 2012-2013, 22,620.00  Yes, that is over 10x the cost of UNO per semester.  Yowza. 

Loyola University New Orleans
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Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University in New Orleans is a very nice, friendly catholic college and university.  Known for it's great choice of programs, such as Music Therapy and a well know nursing program, it has a great reputation.  It is also well known for numerous study abroad opportunities available to its students. 

It is located in a great uptown neighborhood, very near to Tulane University.  There are sororities, fraternities, and numerous other student organizations available for student participation.  I always enjoyed the active music programs' frequent performances and recitals, all open to the community.

It's a great private school, and much more affordable than Tulane.  As of the 2012-2013 academc year, the tuition and fees for 1 semester are 16,923/Semester.  Still pricey, but better than Tulane, no?


Xavier University

Xavier University in New Orleans is an historically black university, well known for its' outstanding academic programs, including a nationally ranked Doctor of Pharmacy program.  There are about 4000 students enrolled in Xavier, making it a nice, smaller size university.

There are plenty of on-campus housing options because a majority of Xaviers' students are in residency there.  The tuition is also very reasonable.  As of the 2012-2013 academic year, full-time tuition for one semester is $8,850.00.

Dillard University

Dillard University- a charming, friendly university

Set in a picturesqu gentillyneighborhood near the New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary, Dillard University is another of New Orleans' historically black colleges and universities.  The campus is gorgeous, featuring traditional white buildings set amongst lush greenery.  There have also been new, modern buildings added to the campus. 

Although it is a private university, the tuition is a reasonable 6825.00 per semester for full time enrollment.  Dillard University is a great community of students, proffessors, and alumni with a great national reputation.

Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Our Lady of Holy Cross College- A Jesuit college with great programs!

Our Lady Of Holy Cross College is a great, smaller catholic school.  Located on the West Bank of New Orleans, about 20 minutes from downtown in a nice residential area, it has an excellent local reputation.  It has many well-known programs, especially its nursing and counseling programs. 

Reasonalbly priced, it costs approximately 4080.00 per semester when attending full time.  A very small, close-knit community, the total enrollment is only about 1300.  If you are looking for a small, close knit faith-based community, then this school might be just the ticket you're looking for.

Delgado Community College
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Delgado Community College- a great option!

Delgado Community college is well known locally as a great option for technical programs, as well as getting started on college before transferring to a local 4 year college.  Their nursing school, The Delgado Charity College of Nursing, has an excellent 2-year ADN degree that has a very good reputation.

As with many community colleges, the tuition and fees are quite reasonable.  For residents, the tuition per semester for full time enrollment is only 1185.00!

Lots of great options for colleges in New Orleans!

Now it's just up to you!  There are a few others that I didn't cover here:

The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southern University in New Orleans, in addition to several for-profit schools such as ITT Tech, Virginia College, etc. 

Best of luck to you on your college search!