The great colon cleaning argument causes strong emotional arguments among those with different opinions. Almost all doctors say that colon cleansing is unnecessary and may be life threatening. How could cleaning the colon be harmful? Flushing a lot of liquids into the colon to cleanse it out could lead to an electrolyte imbalance. The body may lose calcium, potassium and sodium. In addition, if done incorrectly or if the colon is flushed with excessive amounts of liquid, dehydration and blood pressure problems may result.

Even though most of the medical community takes this view, cleaning the colon is still very popular. The homeopathic practitioners and adherents say that the colon can contain unprocessed fecal waste that might contribute to health problems. The opinion shared by these practitioners is that not colon cleansing causes it to function poorly which in turn might lead to a host of other problems which include weight gain and low energy.

Because expelling fecal material is not exactly sexy, the colon is under appreciated. And it works hard at processing our feces, with waste usually processed and leaving the body in 3 days. This is what is considered normal, but it varies from person to person. This is not an organ that gets the attention it deserves. But it does this job very well and it has since the dawn of man. Does the colon need cleaning? Well, it depends on your point of view.

The colon does have some serious diseases associated with it and perhaps this is what motivates people to colon cleanse. After all, colon cancer is a very serious condition. And of course there are the less deadly but still unpleasant conditions such as Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). However, there is currently no scientific proof to support the theory that a dirty colon can be held either fully or partially to blame for these diseases.

One thing that can have an awful effect on the colon is a bad diet. The food we are putting into our bodies is almost scary, it is processed, modified and chemically enhanced. All this poor nutrient, low fiber content food may contribute to diverticulitis. As our food choices have become increasing worse over the years, the cases of diverticulitis have increased. In 1920, 10% of people had diverticulitis; today fifty percent of the people over sixty years of age will get diverticulitis. When we age, the odds increase to over fifty percent. A dirty colon is not to blame for this colon condition, this problem is a direct result of years of poor diet choices.

Are the disgusting colon cleaning pictures all over the Internet faked? More likely than not, these are real. This is probably stuff removed with colon cleaning. But what doctor's say, is that this material would be naturally expelled from the body if the colon had been given its three days to process it. The folks who support colon cleaning say why not do it, it isn't too dangerous and maybe it's a good practice.

Colon cleansing arguments have been made for both sides to give you perhaps a clearer picture, but ultimately your health decisions are your own.