It will help you get rid of unwanted weight that cannot be shed by working out. Releasing pollutants from your body will energize you. Healthy skin has been a godsend for me.


These programs are not cheap. In hindsight the outcome has been priceless to me.

Full Review

I was interested in the colon cleansing from the information i had heard about it. I figured there would be a lot of options out there, and i was right. I looked at the top rated ones, and just picked one at random. Bowtrol had gotten good reviews so i gave it a shot. The main reason i was interested in colon cleansing was i had heard that it was a way to get rid of that annoying lower ab fat. i workout and no matter how many crunches i did, i could never change that area. Bowtrol is a two month program with a week off in the middle. The pills are a little large, but i had no trouble swallowing them. It only took a day or so before i began to see it working. You will definately want to be in close proximity to a restroom while on this program. The biggest reason i am writing this article is to help people like myself who are suffering from acne, like i was. This program has been a miracle for my complexion. I have tried all the acne medications. I have been to dermatologists, which was the biggest disapointment. Before this program, i had dealt with acne for the last 18 years of my life. I was diagnosed with cystic acne when i was 15. I am now 33, and still had to deal with acne on a daily basis. I understood the benefits of colon cleansing, but clearing my complexion has been a better outcome than i could ever ask for. From my understanding, all the fecal matter that is not released from the body will polute the body. One way it is released happens to be thru your skin. Not everyone will have this outcome, but if you are acne prone it will. If you have complexion problems that just seem to be a part of your daily stress, i very much recommend a good colon cleansing program. Not only have i lost the weight of all the extra waste that was stuck inside of me, i have more energy, and best of all, my skin looks better than it has in a long time. I wish that i had known about the benefits of this a long time ago. I only plan on using the program more than twice a year. I would recommend changing your diet once you complete the two month program. I was unsure about the whole colon cleansing fad, but it has been the best decision i have made in years.

In Closing

If acne has contolled your life, this can be your solution. I can never get the money back for all the "preventative" acne solutions out there, but now i finally don't need to spend money on any of that stuff anymore. I am very satisfied with this product, and plan to purchase it again in a few months. It has exceeded my expectations.