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Colonic irrigation involves infusing large quantity of water in to the colon through the rectum using a tube in an effort to clean your colon.  Alternative remedies to colon washing include using liquids such as coffee, herbs, enzymes, and wheatgrass extract. The basic concept here is to remove stool or waste away from the intestinal tract as well as the colon. This has led to the belief that cleaning the colon allows for and supports optimum health in humans as well as the removal of toxins from the colon.

The Procedure

Before undergoing colon irrigation, your physician has to examine your medical condition to determine whether you are healthy enough or not to have the procedure done. When approved, your physician will explain to you about the procedure and you can also inquire about specific things if you have questions.

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After passing the medical examination, a rectal exam is done before the speculum is put in the anus. Warm fluids are then pumped into the lower intestinal truck to eliminate abdominal wastes and gases. The whole process is painless and lasts a few minutes. Normally, the procedure is discreet and conducted using sterilized colon irrigation equipment.  This necessitates the use of two separate pipes to pump water in and to remove fecal matter. During the process, massage is also applied to help remove the waste matter and gases from the bowel.

Health Benefits

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Well, colon irrigation will not only remove toxins and wastes from the bowel or abdomen, but it will also improve bowel movement and prevent development of conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating or irritable bowel syndrome. To maintain the benefits, you will be advised to drinking lots of water and user fiber rich diets to prevent build-up of wastes and toxins in your bowels.  This can also be sustained by eating balance diet. This procedure is not recommended for people suffering from any inflammatory disease such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc. therefore, medical advice comes in handy to anyone wishing to undertake this procedure.

Who and where to go

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There are many doctors but only those qualified to undertake this procedure will effectively run out the exercise professionally. Be sure to visit the right medical center and talk to the experts who will provide you all the needed information regarding colonic irrigation. Also take time to do research form online sites on what the procedure involves, where it can be done and who are qualified to do it. With this information, you will have better judgment as to whether or not to undertake colonic irrigation.

Well, there are no supporting facts that the colonic irrigation is dirty or unhygienic. But based on individual beliefs and expectations, one can undertake the procedure to ascertain assure himself that he remains healthy. The procedure has to involve only qualified practitioners and should be done in a certified medical center just in case something goes wrong. But this is a rare case.


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In conclusion, this procedure is vital for general body detoxification and mitigating the effects caused by secondary conditions that may impair the normal bowel functioning. It is a safe procedure with no known side effects on individuals who pay for this service. Only, qualified and certified specialists are licensed to carry this procedure.