Colony Collapse Disorder

Show Me The Honey

The Devastation Of CCD

What is Colony Collapse Disorder

$14,600,000,000 is the monetary value that is lost every year to Colony Collapse Disorder. Colony collapse disorder, more commonly known as CCD, is when worker bees from pollinating beehives abruptly vanish or disappear. According to The National Agricultural Statistics Service, overtime there is estimated to naturally be an ebb and flow of dwindling and growing bee hives that produce honey. What the world is seeing today is nothing like this, the U.S. alone has less than half the honey producing hives it did in 1947. This is a rarity the U.S. and the world have never seen before.

The Spread of CCD

CCD has affected over 70% of the states within the U.S. and countless countries across the globe. The main cause[s] is/are still unknown. According to Penn State Entomologist Diana Cox-Foster, ”Bees found in hives with CCD were infected with an extremely high number of different disease organisms.” Basically, whatever is happening to the Bees is destroying their immune system. This destruction is affecting their navigational systems, not allowing them to find their way back to their colonies. When the bees cannot find their way back to their colony they die, consequently so does the colony. In 2008 CCD has spread to 1 in 3 honey producing hives in the U.S. 

Making A Difference

Understand this issue is not going away and has a huge economic impact on society. This problem affects the worlds production of food, which will raise the price of everyday food consumption, making groceries more expensive and poverty rates will be at an all time high. To combat this problem we need people to get involved, be active, and something needs to be done before it’s to late.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder
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The collapse of the honey bee's and the destruction it will have on the environment.