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I recently published an article about painting fabric with the Simply Spray product canister. I was interested in the spray because it brings together three of my favorite things, sewing, painting, and design. As much as I liked it, I yearned for a product that would offer me more control and artistic freedom. I mentioned that in my article.

Well, ask and ye shall receive. A short time later I visited a friend who told me to come into her garage and see the model planes her husband had been creating. The planes were impressive but my focus was drawn to the compact airbrush tool on the work table. It was surrounded by little colorful bottles of paint. It seemed like exactly what I had been looking for with which to paint fabric.

I learned that the airbrush tool was used for models as well as fabric painting from different divisions of the same company, Testor. ColorArtz airbrush fabric paint has only been on the market for about a year. If you're a creative type, or even if your not, it offers abilities you didn't think were possible for mere mortals and helps you to put your message or design ideas onto clothing and other materials.

The CorlorArtz airbrush tool and paints are quite honestly one of the best finds I have run across in a very long time - both financially and creatively. There are personal silk screening products that are sold at craft stores for $200 and more. They are designed for the same basic purpose, to put artwork on clothing. I've seen a demo and these machines are very cumbersome, requiring many steps and a lot of time to complete a project. I watched a sales video too and was surprised to see that their finished screened tee shirt had uneven paint edges.

ColorArtz is simple - an airbrush tool, a can of compressed air, and a paint pouch. If you wanted to use a simple stencil to paint a shirt, the application could be finished in the time it takes you to shower. The paint dries quickly too, from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how saturated the fabric is. Whether you use stencils or try your hand at tie dying, ColorArtz can make you feel like a creative genius. If you're already an artist you'll find the many techniques you're already familiar with, will blend well with the airbrush.

The difference between fabric paints and airbrushing has mostly to do with finished fabric texture and application. Many fabric paints applied with a brush result in crusty creations. That doesn't happen with airbrushing. Well, I guess it could if you focused the tool on the same area for a very long time. But the paints used with the airbrushing tool are acrylic and they allow fabrics to stay soft.

I like the flexibility this tool offers, the wide range of colors, and the ease of use. Clean up involves warm water and soap. There are no parts to get clogged as the air propels the paint out of the color pouch. There is no accidental dripping. The system is very well controlled.

The airbrush tool works by snapping a paint pouch nozzle into the unit. When you want to change colors, just snap it out. No cleaning is required in between. If you're finicky like me, wipe off the paint tip and tool nozzle with a tissue when you remove it. Changing from one color to another is just that easy. There's no contamination between colors.

One of the best features of the paint pouches is the small dial on the back of each that allows you to control the pressure of the spray. When you're doing close-in work where you want to confine the paint to a smaller area, you have that option. But if you want to distribute an overall spray on a larger area, you can do that too.

It's obvious the manufacturers of the product are creative people themselves. They have to be with paint names like, Malt Shop, Purple People Eater and Mango Tango.

I've only used the airbrush tool on fabric at this point. But it is something I will also consider for projects on wood, glass and plastic. I've created several fabric projects already and am very happy with the professional results.

If you think of this kind of product as strictly an artist's tool, think again. Even if you don't have artistic talent, you could create simple Halloween tee shirts for the kids using stencils. Or even paint Halloween costumes! How about creating a "bee" costume by placing painters tape horizontally across a black leotard and spraying yellow paint between the tape? You can also use this tool to rescue clothing that you can't wear because of stains. Just paint a design on them. The possibilities are endless!

ColorArtz products can be found on Amazon and the Testor website as well as craft stores like JoAnn's, Roberts, and Hobby Lobby.

Take a look at my painted projects to see what you can do with this airbrush tool.

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