Color contact lenses are becoming more popular every day. These lenses allow people to temporarily alter the color of their eyes easily and with great results. They require a prescription but it is not necessary for you to need vision correction - there are plenty of color contact lenses that are made solely for cosmetic purposes, referred to as plano lenses.

There are currently three types of color contacts available on the market. The three types are: visibility tint, enhancement tint, and opaque color tint.

Visibility tint is used on almost all contact lenses made today to make them easier to see during handling. The coloring is visible when the contact is outside of the eye, but they don't actually change to color of the eye however, and really aren't considered to be "colored" contacts.

Enhancement tints do alter the color of the iris to some degree. As the name suggest, enhancement lenses use solid, translucent coloring to "enhance" the natural color of a person's eye. The change isn't typically very drastic, but they still produce noticeable results. These types of contact lenses work best for people with light-colored eyes such as blue or hazel. For people with eyes that are darker colored, the effects won't be as noticeable - generally, enhancement lenses are not recommended if your natural eye color is a very dark shade.

Lastly, the third type of colored contacts are opaque color tints. Opaque color tints use completely solid colors to completely mask the eye's natural color and are the most effective type of colored contact lenses. Because the coloring is completely opaque, they allow you to completely change the color of the eye. These lenses work best if you are looking for a dramatic color change or have dark eyes which are more difficult to enhance.

So whether you want to completely change your appearance for a fresh new look or just want to enhance the eye color you already have, you will definitely love the stunning results that color contact lenses give you. They are fun to wear and very affordable, and your friends will have a blast trying to figure out just what it is that is different about you. Try a pair of color contacts today!