Contact lenses are primarily used to correct vision. However, there are instances that contact lenses are used not for health purposes but for cosmetic reasons. This is where color contact lenses come in. These contact lenses can do little to improve your sense of sight - but it would greatly change they way you look.

Color contact lenses that don't affect one's vision are normally available without prescription. They are used just like regular contact lenses and are normally dispensed over-the-counter. These lenses can be used for extended period of time, although most are one-week disposable lenses.

While these contact lenses don't need proper prescription to be obtained from pharmacies, it is important that users get the ones that fit their eyes properly. Take extra caution when using these lenses. Use them with the same care that you do with the regular ones that are prescribed by your doctor.

A lot people buy colored contact lenses as an accessory. Through it, it becomes possible to change your eye color as you change your clothes. Get the shade, design, and style that best fits your mood at the moment. You can also use it as part of your costume or the fashion sense that you're trying to start.

Mix and match the shades to use for your eyes with the one that's perfect for the occasion. Base your eye shade on your makeup or you can simply pattern it with the color and style of your dress. Non prescription color contact lenses are designed to cover the iris of the eye so that it will be covered with a different color. The effect is a new, more mesmerizing look for you.

Buy non prescription colored contacts by the pack to save more. Be sure that you use them as designed to prevent eye problems. If this is going to be the first time that you're going to use this type of products, be sure to read the label or better yet, consult with an ophthalmologist to show you the proper way of using them.