Gray, black and silver bedrooms prove that neutral colors don't have to be boring. The advantage to these colors is that they have mass appeal. Plus, they are more soothing which is perfect for a bedroom. You can also use these paint colors and finishes on more expensive pieces like furniture so that you have a base for your room that can go in a lot of different design directions. This will save you lots of money simply because you won't have to replace the items as often. It can also go country, elegant, modern or funky depending on how you style it.

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Silver Bedrooms

Silver tends to look fake if you try to spray paint it or do a faux finish. Instead, use it in small doses or unusual ways instead of as a wall color unless you want to try a foil wallpaper.

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Ombre is an effect where colors just fade into each other. You can create your own artwork by just blending stripes of blue, gray and purple. This uses a lot of calming colors but still helps you make a sophisticated looking space. Plus, it's a color palette that you don't see everyday. This way you can work a little purple into your room without your husband ever being able to say anything.

Silver sounds expensive right? Head to the thrift store. You'll probably find a variety of silver picture frames, vases and candlesticks for less then a dollar. Layer these items on your night stand for shimmer. You can also just change how you think about silver. Look for gray fabric with a sateen or silk finish that will look like spun silver. Velvets will also have the same effect. You can use faux pearl trim on a valance or bring in nail head trim on a piece of furniture. These small touches keep the room feeling elegant; plus when they are made from the same metal it will look tied together.

Mirrors work well in darker rooms. They help bounce light around and can even help your room feel bigger. Look for an oversized mirrors that you can lean against the room to help balance out deep charcoal walls. You can even find mirrored night stands for a luxurious touch.

Yellow and Gray Bedding

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Gray Bedroom Ideas

You can use gray as a base for brighter colors. Such a neutral background can even help you work with colors that you wouldn't traditionally put together like turquoise and yellow. This will keep the room from feeling dreary. At the same time the gray paint will help counteract the brighter accessories so they aren't overwhelming.

It's important to bring in a lot of texture in gray rooms. This will keep it from feeling like a prison. You can do this through your paint finishes as well as your fabric choices. Your fabrics should feel opulent. You can even use a two tones stripe effect on the walls. Just get the same paint in different finishes. If your room is smaller you might just want to use this on just the focal wall. You can even give new life to your furniture by painting it a deeper shade of gray. Paint the trim, window casings and doors in your room a bright white to help break up the space. Then the room is just ready for your favorite accent color like orange or yellow.

Gray and White Bedding

Black Bedroom Ideas

Black BedroomsCredit: FreeRange Stock PhotoA black bedroom can look elegant when styled properly. If you are scared of black walls then try it on the furniture. Bring in a pattern like damask or a zebra print on a few pillows or curtains to tie everything together. This is a way to give older pieces a contemporary look. Find pieces with lots of scroll work and intricate lines, these will really pop when you don't see the wood grain anymore. If you are going with black walls then you need to bring in lighter elements in the room. You might even want to paint your floor white. Black elements really stand out in the room. You can start out small by just painting an oversized chandelier black and hanging black beads, crystals or pearls from it so it becomes the focal point of your room.

These colors work well to add a touch of masculinity to a bedroom that would otherwise be too girly. Try using black furniture and accessories in a pink or lavender room. It will create an elegant look that is even reminiscent of the French style. You might even want to give your bed more presence with a dove grey canopy in a tone on tone fabric. This even gives new life to the velvet pink wing chairs that were popular decades ago but would otherwise seem dated in any other room.

You might be leery of giving your teen the black bedroom of their dreams. Sure, it's just paint but you don't it to become a depressing space. Allow your child to have the color you want but help them style it in such a way that it's still livable. Gray and silver bedrooms add shimmer and high style to basic rooms without spending a lot of money.

Black and White Damask Bedding

Black and White Bedroom Ideas

A black and white bedroom focuses on pattern, texture and contrast instead of on color. For a country look try using paneling to break up black walls. You can even lean bright white doors against a black wall for an interesting and oversized headboard. This is a great way to go if you think that country is too cutesy. You can just make a big impact by changing up the colors to blend contemporary and rustic styles.

Any color that you put in a black and white bedroom is really going to stand out. This almost acts as a frame for important items. For instance, if you had a pair of avocado green retro lamps in this room they would become the focal point; even though they might get lost in an all green room. Use it as a showcase for your favorite colors and accessories.

Black, gray and silver bedrooms allow you to add big impact to a room on a small budget. It's a versatile space that can go in a lot of different design directions. You can change the way your room and furniture looks just with paint and a few new accessories.