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Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Paint

A very exciting relationship has been created between two great household brand names: Sherwin-Williams & HGTV. Both strive to be the very best in their industry. SW provides excellent customer service, advice, and unmatched products, while HGTV is at the cutting edge of home design and interior remodel.

With the same strive to meet the needs of the Do-it-Right market, both organizations are ecstatic to be mutually working together! When two companies that are built on service, quality, superior products, and market leadership find common ground, the consumer will benefit!

HGTV will give design seekers with ultimate tips mixed with product recommendations and do-it-yourself advice. Likewise, Sherwin Williams will continue to provide excellent products for every application, superior customer service, and "ask the expert" advice. With these benefits, you will be provided with an awesome advice & know-how everytime you enter a Sherwin-Williams store or 

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HGTV Home Paint Properties: 

With this new partnership, you should expect to see several new benefits! Sherwin Williams will offer a new product line called "HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams." The following are product benefits, costs, and ways to receive discounts on your purchase. 

Product Benefits: 

  • HGTV Home can be tinted to most colors, even competitive color formulas.
  • Sherwin-Williams offers HGTV Home in three available sheens: Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss.
  • HGTV has a 0 VOC formula, exceeding many green standards. 
  • Benefits, also, include a very low odor, acrylic formula, and great coverage over previously painted surfaces. 

Product Costs:

  • HGTV Home Flat costs approximately $32-35 per gallon and is only offered in gallon cans. 
  • HGTV Home Satin costs approximately $34-37 per gallon and is only offered in gallon cans.
  • HGTV Home Semi-Gloss costs approximately $36-38 per gallon and is only offered in gallon cans. 

Product Discounts: 

To offset the cost of the gallon, Sherwin Williams offers customers the opportunity to join their Preferred Customer Program. Like many other customer rewards programs, Sherwin Williams seeks to give great incentives for continued customer loyalty and sales. 

The Preferred Customer Program will offer 10% off of any paint or stain purchased at any of Sherwin William's 3300 locations. Also, the company will save your paint colors and buy history for 6 years. 

Another great benefit is unlocked when you provide your email address to the sales associate. Fortunately, Sherwin-Williams does not sell your information nor spam your email account. However, you will be the beneficiary of $10 off HGTV Home coupons and invitations to exclusive 25-30% off events. 


Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Paint has excellent properties including: good coverage, low odor, and 0 VOCs. Though slightly more expensive than other stores, Sherwin Williams offers several discount programs to help you achieve a great low price per gallon. Use HGTV Home Paints for your next project!

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