If you need a color laser printer that will give you super fast, flawless color prints, every time and you need quick agility and flexibility to print from the network, you need to consider a color laser printer duplex.

Having a color laser printer duplex lets you print a sheet of paper with a color image on both sides, automatically.

Before the color laser printer duplex was put out on the market, there were other methods of getting the job done but they were very labor intensive and expensive.

If you needed a copy job done with double sided color printing, you would have to allow the first side of the print job to process and then wait until it was done to move on to the next step.

At that point, you'd have to take all of the copies, flip and turn the paper and feed it back into the tray and get the second side of the print job started.

This took a lot of manpower considering someone would have to sit at the copier and do the work and wait on the job. There are also other mechanisms that will do this process for you but again, they are quite expensive and leave too much margin for error.

These color laser duplexes allow for the expedient printing of bound jobs such as booklets and other important office documents. This cuts back on time and saves you money on mistakes as well as productivity in your office.

You can get a duplex for much less than it would cost if you added up the time and money spent on supplies and employee or personal work time.

When you need double sided print jobs completed with bold and crisp double sided color images and text, they very smartest thing to do is get a color laser printer duplex. This will allow you to get your jobs done simply and easily and without guess work or complications.

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