Color PsychologynCredit: Roberta White on flickr

According to color psychology, different colors have different meanings and this can vary from place to place. They subconsciously elicit varied feelings and thoughts in people. Studies have shown that your choice of color can affect the way other people think or feel about your website or blog. It is therefore important to go through the accepted meanings before you make your choice. You do not want to lose visitors due to the subconscious effect of colors. The following are some of the meanings:


Blue is common for web designs and blogs. Most top brands have it as their primary brand color. For instance, the websites and logos of major social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are predominantly blue. It is popular among men and women and it is believed to evoke feelings of dependability, security, trust and calm.


Red is considered an aggressive and energetic color that is mainly associated with anger or rage. Besides causing subconscious response, red can elicit physical response whenever a person sees it. Tests carried out on certain subjects indicated that whenever people are presented with a red color they experience a heart rate acceleration. If you want to catch people’s attention to your website as well as blog and get their reactions, red will be the best color to use.


Brown is mostly associated with the earth and evokes feelings of durability. In some cases it might represent dirt. This calls for caution while using brown on your blog or website. Note that various brands have had success with brown in their brand. A good example is the United Parcel Service in the shipping industry. 


Pink is considered a feminine color while bright pink is associated with excitement and fun representing the youth particularlt. Pale pink is believed to symbolize romance. Victoria’s Secret is one of the popular brands that built a whole product line around pink. It is ideal for a feminine blog or website.


Yellow is suitable for communicating positivity and warmth. It is considered an optimistic color and it helps to enhance concentration. Studies have proved that yellow is the first color that people see. It is therefore perfect for drawing attention to vital sections of your website or blog.


Even though it is not very popular, orange is known to evoke feelings of excitement. It represents fun and it is the suitable for an exciting or fun website or blog.


Studies have shown that purple is an unpopular among males. However, according to color psychology, purple can mean different things in different circumstances. For instance, it is perceived as the color of creativity and sophistication while in some cases it is associated with royalty and spirituality.


Most cleaning products are either white or are packaged in white containers. It symbolizes cleanliness and purity. In design, it is associate with corporations and professionalism. It also boosts credibility. It is known to quickly draw people’s attention and it the best background color for dark texts.


Whenever a person sees green, he/she typically thinks about nature. It is commonly used for decorating and it portrays health and freshness. It can also be used as a refreshing color with a calming effect. However, dark green is mainly associated with money and it is the best color to use on a blog or website that deals with financial matters such as the stock market.


Black communicates power, authority, class and luxury. It also creates a sense of submission. In design, it communicates submission. Web designs can particularly use the classic shades of white and black to convey certain messages.