Color schemes for wedding are really where you can make a statement on a budget. In fact, if you have a wedding planner this might be one of the few decisions that you make to give your big day a unique flair. The same thing goes if you are having an event on a budget. 

Colors for a Wedding
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Quiz to Pick Your Wedding Colors

The easiest quiz you can take is to ask yourself when you are getting married. Here are some color palettes that will work.

Are You Getting Married in the Spring?

If the answer is yes than you will want to include at least one pastel tone. This doesn't have to be purple or pink. Yellow is becoming a more popular color and I've even seen it used with gray.

Are You Getting Married in the Summer?

Choose something bright and vibrant. Mint green is common in fashion and I love it at weddings although it won't be the most flattering color for a bridesmaid dress. Instead of a predictable pink go with a coral scheme.

Are You Getting Married in August?

There are certain months that are in between seasons. I like classic palettes in this case such as lots of white and silver.

Are You Getting Married in the Fall?

You don't have to use an autumn color palette. Just think of really warm schemes like bronze, gold, or chocolate brown. Mustard yellow is becoming more popular, but again it's too bold for most bridesmaids.

Are You Have a Winter Wedding?

Red and green aren't your only choice. Gravitate towards cool colors such as blue, navy, or gray. Use lots of glass, crystal, pewter and silver.

Go All Out With Pink

1. Pink is Back.

Make pink work. This can be difficult just because you might have always wanted a pink wedding but chances are your future husband doesn't feel the same way. You can make it very subtle by going with orchids which will focus more on the outer white or even pale green petals, with a deep magenta center. If the 2011 wedding colors are close to the 2011 decorating colors then pink will make a huge statement since honeysuckle was the color of the year according to Pantone.

There are certain areas where pink will look natural and effortless and other ones where it will be feminine. For instance, almost any garden wedding is going to have pink flowers in it. Stay away from this on your groom’s bowtie and vest because that would stand out. It's also going to really make a statement on your table. If you just have a minimal budget then hot pink tablecloths can distract from plain white plates or even smaller floral arrangements.

Colors for a Beach Wedding

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2. Change Theme Colors Up.

You might want to change up the classic theme. Beach wedding colors don't have to use tons of blue and white which can be a little bit outdated or retro. Remember all of those 1980's wedding receptions? Instead, bring in lots of sand tones and casual centerpieces with lots of twigs.

It’s important to change up popular color schemes, especially if a lot of other people will be using them in your area around the same time that you’re getting married. These include ivory and green as well as purple and green. This could be subtle accents such as lilacs, or just go for a brighter green.

3. Seasonal Shades Add Warmth.

Choosing wedding colors can also be determined by the season when you're getting married. You'll want to go with richer and deeper colors in the summer such as red roses or a chocolate wedding cake. Summer weddings call for mixed flower bouquets in every conceivable pastel tone. Instead of just picking one or two tones you need to go with entire color schemes for weddings for a much more modern look. This also allows your bridesmaids as well as the mother of the bride to come up with an entire range of choices so they don’t have to dread wearing that dress so much.

4. Work With White.

White is a staple in most wedding color schemes but you can change up how it is used. You'll need to go with really ornate textures. Your cake can mimic a basket weave for a casual country wedding. Often white linens are less expensive because most venues offer them for free, but make it look expensive with taller centerpieces. In fact, even your bridesmaids can wear white as long as their dresses are substantially different from yours such as being a shorter length. An all white color palette works for summer or winter events.

5. Try Unusual Inspirations.

You also want to make sure that you highlight your venue with the scheme that you choose. You could even draw inspiration from one of the flaws of the space such as a concrete patio. This could be the base of your palette and can be the backdrop for beautiful silver candelabras and gauzy white awnings.

If you do use pink or purple you need to make sure that it doesn't end up looking like a sweet sixteen birthday party. This is one of the few cases where you want to go sleek and modern with just two or three colors. This means going with lots of chocolate brown as well as black.

Bring in a tropical feeling from your beach wedding with orange or even bright yellow tones. This is especially important if you have an indoor reception space that lacks a lot of character.

Bouquets really help to tie your entire scheme together in a very chic way. This could be different shades of roses for a sleek summer pastel look. You could also make it sophisticated and unusual by going with silver or metal roses as centerpieces, although this can be quite expensive.

Your dress can also serve as the inspiration for your scheme. This could have a cream underlay or overlay if you just want more of a traditional look or your family isn't comfortable with a colorful dress for the bride. You can also go with more of a subtle look with pale pink or blue embroidery on your classic white dress. The idea of petticoats, layers, and sashes is very fashion forward and it's also the perfect opportunity to add in a little bit of color.

6. Be Practical

You might want to stay with neutral colors on the items that you order first. This will be your dress as well as your wedding invitation. The popular colors or your favorite colors may totally change by the time the big day arrives. You can always add in trendy colors both with ribbon, tulle, and even the colors of candy of your favors.

Black and white is a traditional palette that can be a little bit too expected at times. You can give it a more casual country look just by going with polka dot ribbon on your favor boxes. Anemones have a black center but are also a pretty trendy blossom. You'll want to check with your florist first because this allows you to find out which flowers are going to be in season as well as the least expensive when the big day actually rolls around.

This can also really save you if you’re having a Halloween wedding. You could follow cues from shows such as “Say Yes to the Dress". Instead of an all black wedding dress just find black lace accents on a plain white dress.