Colorado is an outdoorsman's paradise. One of the best ways to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer is to rent a log cabin in Colorado and use it as a base camp for all of the activities you and your family want to participate in such as gold prospecting, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain bicycling, and a multitude of other fun activities that Colorado offers to their visitors each year.

Colorado Log Cabin Rentals

Colorado log cabin rentals are an excellent alternative to staying in a motel. A log cabin is a lot more fun than a motel. If you must stay in a motel like setting then you can rent a small cabin that is set up with a lot of other tiny log cabins near each other. These are like motels except each room is a separate log cabin. You get the conveniences of a small independent motel but get to taste the life of living in a small log cabin.

Colorado Log Cabin Area

There are many vast regions of Colorado you can rent a log cabin in. Wintertime log cabin rentals are popular with snow skiers. During the summer many log cabins are filled up with families and individuals wanting to ride some world class mountain bike trails and to fish in waters where you are bound to catch a large fish. During the fall many log cabin rentals are used by hunters who like to use a Colorado log cabin rental as a base camp for their hunting activities.

Long Term Cabin Rental or Short term Cabin Rental in Colorado

You can find Colorado log cabin rentals on nightly, weekly, monthly, and even longer durations of stay. Usually you can get a cheaper rate for a longer duration of rental. A nightly stay will cost more than the per night cost if you rent a log cabin for a week or even a month.

Do you simply need a Colorado log cabin rental for one week or do you want to stay for an entire season. You can find Colorado log cabin rentals that you can rent for all summer, all fall, or even all winter. Generally the wintertime rates will be lower than the summer rates unless it is located near a ski resort.

Rustic or Modern Colorado Log Cabin

You can rent a Colorado log cabin that is small and simple or you can spend a lot more money and rent a fancy and elaborate log cabin that is extremely large with a lot of square feet. For most families and individuals a smaller and simpler log cabin is the way to go. Save the money you would spend on an expensive cabin and use it to buy a new mountain bike or buy a monthly pass to the ski resort.

Colorado Log Cabin Rental Area

Regardless of which part of Colorado you target for your trip you will be able to find log cabin rentals. If you want to rent a log cabin for a week or more in Colorado than it is highly recommended you plan ahead and have confirmed reservations in advance. You cannot simply show up and rent a log cabin for 3 months in most cases.

Colorado Log Cabins Rental List

Colorado log cabin rental lists cab be found online and also with many property management companies as well as many local Colorado real estate agents. A local property management company can help guide you towards the exact type of log cabin rental you need.

Summer Cabins in the wintertime in Colorado

In Alaska many of the log cabin rentals are much less expensive but in the winter but in Colorado the log cabin rentals will remain the same and in some cases actually be higher if you are near a ski resort or other popular winter destination such as snowmobile trails.

In some remote areas away from popular winter destinations log cabin rental rates may be a bit lower than in the summer time. Either way it is usually easier to negotiate a lower Colorado log cabin rental rate in the off peak times such as the dead of winter.

Colorado Bed and Breakfast Cabins

Colorado offers a few bed and breakfasts that are either located inside a large log cabin or they have some pre-built hunting cabins that are stationed by each other. You rent one of the rooms or log cabins and then eat a large ranch style breakfast in the morning at the main log cabin house.

Colorado Log cabin Living

Living in a log cabin in Colorado is a great way for you and your friends or you and your family to bond together. A rustic and quaint log cabin will bring out the best in your family. Instead of watching the TV in the evening time you can sit around the fireplace and share funny stories that happened during the day such as when Dad fell off the snowmobile and landed in the frozen pond.

Colorado Log Cabin Rental Prices

Prices vary drastically and the actual costs will depend on the size of cabin you rent, the area you rent the cabin in and which season you decide to rent a Colorado log cabin. In most cases you will be required to pay a refundable deposit upfront. If you decide to rent a Colorado log cabin you can rent a small and simple log cabin and pay less money than you would pay for a fancy and elaborate log cabin.

A simple log cabin is generally the better option as you can save the money you would pay for a more expensive cabin and use it for other activities such as skiing, dining out, snowmobile rentals, and buying a pair of snow shoes.

A properly researched and planned trip to Colorado can be the trip of a lifetime if you are willing to research out Colorado log cabin rentals. Find a log cabin that is located near activities you want to participate in while staying in Colorado and then rent one that is near the activities.

If you plan on skiing once a week then you can rent a log cabin that is near a ski resort. If you plan on skiing daily then you can pay more money and rent a log cabin that is located directly by the ski resort.

Decide on what you need and find the proper Colorado log cabin rental. You may like your log cabin rental so much that you decide you want to buy a log cabin using a log cabin layaway plan.