Colored Athletic Tape

Athletic Training Taping Benefits:

If you are an athlete, using colored athletic tape is the best way to prevent further damage or deterioration to the body.  If have recently been injured, taping up a wound dressing ensures that the bandages and wound are not re-opened on the field.  If you have chronic joint pains, pre wrap and colored athletic tape is the best way to prevent further damage.  By setting the joint in its natural position and wrapping it tightly in athletic training tape, you restrict the range of motion which causes the injuries.  The uses for colored athletic tape are nearly endless from boxers looking for extra support on their wrists, to weight lifters looking to avoid calluses on their hands.  

Pre Wrap Athletic Pre Tape:

Athletic pre wrap is widely suggested by sports trainers before applying colored athletic tape to protect the skin from irritation and allergic reactions to the adhesive.  It is applied just like sports tape, but has a “foamy” feeling that protects the skin.  It is also available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses for custom applications.  If you have a bandaged wound that you are trying to protect, pre tape is especially important to that the dressing is not ripped off when removing the athletic training tape.  Pre wrap is very easy to tear, but remains incredibly strong when wrapped and twisted.  

Because of its unique properties, pre wrap has dozens of other uses.  It has grown increasingly popular with athletic women who want a strong but lightweight hair band to keep the hair out of their faces.  Professional dancers have been using it for years as a way to add extra cushion and prevent calluses in their dance shoes.  Ice skaters and roller bladers have used it in a similar fashion to prevent chaffing and irritation.  

Where To Buy Colored Athletic Tape:

Colored athletic tape is available from most sporting goods stores, and even some sporting goods departments at large retail chains.  However for the best deals on a product that you use over and over, buying bulk athletic training tape online is the easiest way to save money.  Authority sites like sell bulk colored pre wrap, as well as bulk colored athletic tape.  This is especially helpful if you are a coach or trainer buying sports tape for your entire team, or if you just use athletic tape everyday.

How To Tape An Ankle:

One of the most common sports injury is damage to your ankle.  If you have a sprain or other injury, taping your ankle can provide you with some relief, as well as prevent further damage.

Step 1 - Start in the correct position with the leg hanging off of a table and the ankle in a natural position.  A natural position is having the leg and foot perpendicular to each other at a 90 degree angle.  

Step 2 - Apply underwrap starting just below the calf moving down to the middle of the foot, and back to the ankle.

Step 3 - Starting around the Achilles tendon, put a few “anchor waps” around the area at the top of the pre wrap.  Always use pieces just long enough to overlap slightly on the front of the leg.  Overlap each strip by a ½ inch.  

Step 4 - Apply a figure eight style wrap around the heel and base of the ankle.

Step 5 - Apply a heel lock strip by connecting the middle of the foot with the top of the figure eight shape you made in step 4.

Step 6 - Add a few “stirrups” attaching the base of the foot to the anchor wraps near the base of the calf.  

Step 7 - Add a few stirrup supports just above the base of the ankle the same way you created the anchor wraps, but this time on top of the stirrups.  

Be sure to consult a physician if you experience any sports related injuries to avoid unnecessary and potentially irreversible damage to your body.  Colored athletic tape is designed to add a personal flare to a sports training tape job that prevents injuries.  It is not designed to heal damage that should be seen by a doctor.  If you have any hesitations it is best to seek professional advice before continuing any athletic activity.