If you've never used colored skateboard grip tape before then you are missing out big time! Were you even aware of the amazing supernatural powers that come with each colored grip tape available? It's okay, most people aren't. You have to have the right mindset, free of all stress and anxiety which is next to impossible in this day and age. Many skateboarders are starting to catch on to the wonderful powers that colored grip tape offers and that's why sales are steadily climbing.

It's ridiculous, every individual color gives you a different power, whether it's blue, green, purple, yellow, white, pink, you name it. Most skateboarders are reluctant to buy colored grip tape because of how goofy it looks, but those who do choose to use it will eventually realize that you can sacrifice your pride for super-human abilities that allow you to skateboard like you never thought possible. In this article we are going to take a look at all the different colored grip tape and go over the special powers that scientists and many skateboarders are currently starting to discover.

Blue Colored Grip TapeBlue = Glue

Blue colored grip tape has shown evidence recently of having super-sticky properties in many cases. It was reported in early 2005 that a young man name Corey Hammil (age 17) was skateboarding at his local skate park using his blue colored grip tape when he first noticed the amazing properties it possessed. According to Corey and many eye witnesses, Corey lined himself up to do a simple frontside 180 on the halfpipe. The first time Corey attempted was a success, but he noticed it seemed abnormally easy and took little to no effort to keep the skateboard under his feet the whole time. He then thought he would get a little more speed this time around and give a 360 a try.

Corey states that he wasn't able to judge how fast or hard he needed to spin himself in order to get the 360 pulled off, so he just decided to try spinning as hard as possible and seeing what happens. What happened next dropped the jaws of many witnesses and fellow skateboarders who were in attendance for this amazing feat. Corey, attempting a 360, wound up pulling off a complete 1080 and landing as clean as all get out. Now keep in mind that this was on a 5 foot mini halfpipe and according to witnesses Corey never even got enough air for a 1080 to seem possible, he just spun that fast. Corey attributes this amazing stunt to his blue colored grip tape that his skateboard shoes seemed to lock on to.

Corey's skateboard, blue colored grip tape and all, was bought by a local University after news quickly spread and is now undergoing vigorous research in a lab just blocks away from where Corey now resides. Results of the new findings are expected to be released in late fall 2010.

Green Colored Grip TapeGreen = Clean

Green colored grip tape is starting to look like every skateboarders dream come true. According to a May 2005 issue of the Trainsville Examiner, a local newspaper from Trainsville, Illinois, 3 young skaters have started making a fuss about their new green colored grip tape that one boy described as "witch craft...but in a good way". According to the young boys, who prefer to remain anonymous, the green colored grip tape allows the person to land every trick with complete perfection; a beautiful clean landing every time. One boy revealed to the newspaper what he witnessed his friend accomplish:

"I was just sitting there on the bench at the skatepark and my buddy was trying to show off and do these crazy stunts down this 12-set of stairs. I always beat him in SKATE when we played, and he really wasn't that good at skateboarding before. But he was doing stuff you never see in real life, stuff you see in video games...it was insane! [Expletive], he even did a frontside triple kickflip 360 and landed in a nose manual down that set. I was like holy [expletive]! Did that really just happen!?"

Yellow Colored Grip TapeYellow = Mellow

Yellow colored grip tape appears to give the rider a special ability to remain calm even in the most stressful skating conditions. Most skateboarders who would normally be too scared to attempt a nosegrind down a thin rail going down a flight of 8 stairs, have no problems at all mustering up the courage to attempt such a potentially dangerous trick when using yellow colored grip tape. Along with allowing the rider to overcome major fears, it also seems to just make the rider a lot more relaxed and 'mellow' during his entire skate session, often looking like the tricks they are landing take little to no effort at all to perform.

A case surfaced early last year where an 18-year old from Southern New Mexico was beginning only his second year at skateboarding with his brand new deck that just so happened to be covered in yellow colored grip tape. Javier Gonzalez was going to attempt a rather simple task of ollying down a set of 3 stairs. Javier at this time had never even attempted doing any gaps, and I'm sure many of us can remember how frightening it is to muster of the courage to do their first gap. But as soon as Javier stepped foot on his skateboard with yellow colored grip tape, he felt no fear. He felt like he had been skateboarding his entire life, and that the board was actually a part of him. Javier had no problem clearing that measly 3-set and even did it in style with a quick tre flip, and went on to win several state skateboarding contests. Javier continues to compete today and still uses the same yellow colored grip tape.

White Colored Grip TapeWhite = Flight

In the summer of 2007, a New Jersey professor was awaken in the wee hours of the night by a knock at the door. A local skateboarder who has yet to be identified left a skateboard with white colored grip tape on the doorstep with a note reading "Send this to NASA".

According to what little information is available about this case, a few local residents in the nearby area claimed to have seen a teenage boy ollying from rooftop to rooftop earlier that day. No pictures or video was ever taken but investigators seem to think these witnesses have no reason to make such an elaborate hoax up. It is thought that white colored grip tape gives the rider the ability of weightlessness and flight. The whereabouts of the skateboard with white colored grip tape the professor found on his doorstep is currently being disclosed and much of the information about this case has been blacked out by the CIA who now claim to be in charge of the case.

Red Colored Grip TapeRed = Tread

Red colored skateboard grip tape looks like it's going to take skateboarding to a whole new extreme, giving skateboarders the ability to skate in any weather conditions on any kind of surface. An Alaskan teen reported to local media that he and his friends were skateboarding outside their house and one teen noticed that his skateboard that had red colored grip tape was somehow able to perform just as well in the snowy grass just outside their paved driveway. The confused teen then attempted skateboarding on a thick patch of ice in his drainage ditch near the road. He noticed the ice had no effect on his traction or skateboarding abilities. It is reported that the teens were also able to use the skateboard on a nearby pond that was 100% liquid still.

The young high schoolers are currently still in possession of the skateboard with red colored grip tape and are refusing to give it up for research unless they are paid $10 million in cash up front. They seem to be content with having something that everyone else wants at this point in time. Hopefully, maturity will soon set in and they realize how absurd their demands are and rightfully give the skateboard up to scientists for further research. As of right now, scientists are baffled at how red colored grip tape would have any effect whatsoever on wheel traction.


Pink Colored Grip TapePink = Think

If you ever have trouble keeping a clear mind when you skateboard, then pink colored grip tape could be what you need. There have been numerous reports around America that it allows you to think much clearer when you are skateboarding, making it effortless to concentrate on individual tricks. Some reports include instances of skateboarders being able to perform flatground tricks that make Rodney Mullen's skate sessions look like child's play.

One report claims that a 13 year old in Nebraska performed a 3,459-trick combo on a concrete slab in his backyard, moving swiftly and effortlessly through tricks like Caspers, Pogos, Flamingos, Anti-Caspers, Gymnast Plants, Godzilla Flips, Saran Wraps, Handstands, and any other flat ground trick you can think of and even ones that have never been seen before, using his skateboard with pink colored grip tape. There is currently a team of students attending MIT doing research on the properties of pink colored grip tape.

Purple Colored Grip TapePurple = No Homo Slo-Mo

Appearing to be some sort of off-shoot of the pink, purple colored grip tape has been reported to give the rider the ability to not only have confidence in his sexuality, but also to see himself performing tricks in slow motion. Using purple colored grip tape is often described by skateboarders as a feeling of slowing down time and being able to take as long as you want making sure you're doing the trick correctly. Some have even claimed to be able to manipulate time in such a way that they can perform an insane amount of tricks in one single effort. It is apparent that only the person riding the skateboard with purple colored grip tape is able to see the effects, and to outsiders no time has passed at all.

Scientists and researchers seem to be worried about this special power purple colored grip tape has as it may have a negative effect on the time-space continuum and may eventually cause catastrophic, irreversable effects on future events. Rumblings are beginning to surface of a national recall on all purple colored grip tape as early as summer 2010.

Do you have colored grip tape for your skateboard?

If you already have colored grip tape for skateboards, I would suggest seeing what kind of results you get. A common factor in the majority of reported cases is that the subjects seemed to have relatively low stress and anxiety levels and a very open mind.

It seems that 2012 may be a year of scientific breakthroughs. Scientists are very close to proving the magical powers associated with colored grip tape and by 2012 who knows what else we will have discovered using this new knowledge. Perhaps colored grip tape will bring world peace, or take us to the vast outer reaches of space and discover our true reason for existance. The possibilities of the repercussions of this new discovery are endless!

Another thing to keep in mind, is that I totally made all of this up. Now go out and buy yourself some white colored grip tape and try to ollie from one rooftop to another!