The modern bride-to-be faces a multitude of dilemmas: Should she give up her beloved name to become Mrs Buts? Is it absolutely necessary to invite Great Aunt Maude and her big hairy nose? And can she wear those gorgeous hot pink sandals to walk down the aisle without giving mum a stroke?

Not so long ago, a bride's shoes had to be white to be right. Thanks to Queen Victoria, even the slightest touch of cream would have cause a commotion in your grandmother's era.

The trend-setting queen set the white shoe regime in motion with her immaculate white wedding gown and slippers. Since then, white has been viewed as a symbol of a bride's purity, even her virginity – but not anymore!

When it comes to footwear, tradition has been shaken up, big-time. You can ditch the old restrictions and dare to be yourself. Hot pink sandals might not be proof of purity, but they effectively proclaim, "I love you honey!"

Great news, isn't it? But before you make a beeline for your favourite designer footwear stores, let us help you find your feet in the exciting new world of coloured wedding shoes. Ready? Forward, march!

Colour your mood

It's obvious to match your wedding shoes with your dress. Wearing an Empire line gown with 40's-inspired shoes is like gobbling a Big Mac with a glass of Dom Perignon. But you also need to match your shoes with your personality.

Feeling a little creative? Try pretty pastels; pale pinks, iced blues, mint greens – or even lavender, apricot and lemon. Shoes in such hues will make you feel fabulously feminine and your feet look exquisite. As a bonus, they'll add warmth to pale skin, giving an instant glow to the legs attached.
Want to add a touch of glamour and pizzazz to your tootsies? Go for shimmering silver or gold shoes.

Your feet will be dazzling as they dance down the aisle – and you'll get more wear out of the shoes once the Big Day's over. (No need to bury staid satin mules under that old ski-suit atop your wardrobe!) If you're not sure how to find the perfect match for your princess gown, keep in mind that a cream-based dress and gold shoes make a happy couple, but an ivory-based dress would prefer to walk down the aisle with silver shoes.

In today's more relaxed wedding environment, even rebel brides aren't short of suitable shoes. Coloured dresses with matching footwear is a fullblown new-millenium trend – so let your imagination run wild. If you really want to shake up tradition (and Grandma), add impact to your wedding-day outfit with fabulous footwear in shocking scarlet, sophisticated black or Gothic purple. You can even play with rainbow print designs. There are no taboos when it comes to shoes, so if the strappy Blahnik sandal fits, wear it!