If you love to decorate for the holidays and want everything colour co-ordinated, then you should consider colored xmas trees to add to your theme.

These are basically artificial trees that are dyed with a bright colour, and come complete with lights.  They are already put together, so storage is simple, but the best part is the colours you can now get these in.

Decorating at the holidays is set in tradition for some with the family piling in the car and heading out to the snow covered field and cutting down their own tree for Christmas.  Then decorating it and taking in that heavenly smell of the pine or spruce while hanging wreaths on the wall and door for the holiday theme.

But for many who have allergies, or just don’t want to have to deal with the issues associated with a real one, such as watering and dropping needles, or simply because they want to decorate a few months ahead of time, an artificial one suits their needs.

But for many years the artificial tree was created to look just like the real one with the colours of blue spruce or pine.  You usually then had to find the box and put it together.  But Colored Xmas Treesthe market on artificial ones has gone a bit “uptown” now as people try and decorate co-ordinating with a solid colour theme.

Colored Christmas trees are a great way to add to that ambiance.  If you want to be different and decorate your house in blues, greens and whites or even purple, you can get a blue colored Christmas tree or a white one or many other colours.  The colour range has become large now for this market.

6' Artificial Christmas Tree in Red

 These trees come with up to 400 twinkle lights already placed on the tree at the ends of the branches and in just the right spots, to make decorating that much easier.

Who says you have to stay with the natural colour?  If you want a modern or colorful look then getting the tree to color co-ordinate is another way to create a stunning room for the holidays.

If you love Christmas and want to start getting ready for the holidays as soon as the pumpkins are put away, then using an artificial tree in an assortment of colors is fun way to do this.  You can do it a bit at a time, and then come the holidays you can have the color theme you want and be ready.

Christmas traditions are plentiful.  Each family will tell you about their own traditions.  There is nothing wrong with carrying on these themes, but if you are looking to try something a little different or upbeat and you are hosting the holidays this year, and that poor old green artificial tree is looking a little bit sad, then instead of getting another green one, try one of these bright colored xmas trees that have hit the market in the last year or so.

You can get these colored xmas trees at department stores when the decorations start to show up on the shelves after Halloween or you can shop online now at sites such as Amazon and find the perfect colored xmas tree for your special holiday theme this year.

6' Artificial Christmas Tree in Red
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this would really make your room pop.