Colored contact lenses are very popular. To start wearing colored lenses you would need to visit an optometrist. The reason is that contact lenses are a medical device so you would need a prescription from a doctor. Also, according to the 'Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act' a valid contact lens prescription is required to purchase contact lenses. So it does not matter if you need vision correction or not, you will need a valid contact lens prescription to purchase colored or special effect contact lenses.

If you want either of these colored or special effect contact lenses, you would need to tell your optometrist that you're interested in those types of lenses. Colored contacts are pretty easy to deal with. Many eye doctors even have samples of colored contact lenses you can try in their office. These samples may not have any prescription on them. The purpose is just so that can see yourself with the color contact lens you want before you order it. Colored contacts look differently on different people, so it would be smart to try out colored lenses before you make your purchase. Once the purchase is made, it's it very difficult or impossible to get your money back especially if you just changed your mind about the color.

Colored contact lenses can have different vision corrections. People with high prescriptions and even with astigmatism can wear colored contact lenses. These colored lenses can be disposable daily, monthly, and even yearly. There are so many options available.

Special effect contact lenses get popular around Halloween time. Special effect contacts have so many different obvious designs that give a reaction to whoever sees them. These type of lenses may be a bit more difficult to get. Since you would need to get a valid prescription for theses lenses, you may need to call different eye doctors to see how they can help you get these lenses for you.

These special effect lenses last longer than just for Halloween. So unless you want to wear those crazy lenses as long as they're meant to be worn, usually a year, you would need to ask your optometrist if she will release a prescription for the contact lenses you want to wear when you're not using these special crazy ones.

Once you have your contact lens prescription, you can go shopping around for the best prices. The contact lens seller can only sell exactly what the prescription states. This should not be a problem since the doctor releases a prescription after the contact lens fitting is made. Your eyes should be comfortable with the purchased lenses.

Should your eyes not be comfortable with the purchased lenses, you would need to go back to see your optometrist while wearing your contact lenses. She will need to evaluate your eyes again to see what the reason for eye discomfort is. There could be different factors why a purchased contact lens will not be comfortable for a patient. The patient could have diabetes where the vision changes, the contact lens is defective, the patient handled the contact lens incorrectly causing stretching, or other medical issues.

If the doctor sees that there is no medical issue with the patient, then the contact lens may be returned to the company for further inspection. This is up to the doctor though. It takes several weeks for the contact lens to be reviewed for defects though.

So colored and special effect contact lenses can be worn with or without vision correction as long as an optometrist writes the prescription after the fitting. Visit your eye doctor regularly to find out what contact lens options she has for you. Take care of your contact lenses carefully so they can last as long as possible and ask your eye doctor any questions you may have regarding your eyes.