What's so special about Egyptian jewellery, which makes everyone to love wearing them? It comes to us with a history and a message – they are not simple garnishments, but magical object from an ancient, mysterious civilization. And, of course, they look great. All modern designs become pale next to a beautiful yellow gold, blue gemstones Egyptian necklace. If you are interested in Egyptian jewellery, you need to find out more about the symbolism hidden inside those exquisite pieces of jewellery.

What's The Message Behind Egyptian Jewellery?

Antique Egyptian civilization was the first civilization that started producing jewellery in an organized manner, by craftsmen that were specialized in that activity. Jewellery was used for a multitude of goals: to protect people from evil forces like bad charms, spirits and other mythical entities, or to make a statement about that person or about his or her status inside the society.

Today, we are more interested in the way jewellery looks, but we also kept some of the old functions of jewellery. Even today, we can say a lot about people by simply looking what type of jewellery they are wearing: we can say if they are married or not, if they are rich or not, if they are conservative or unconventional persons. If you choose to wear Egyptian jewellery, this means you are a spiritual person, with a strong, personal sense of fashion. You are not afraid to take risks, to stand out and to be unconventional.

Colorful Stones-The Trademark Of Egyptian Jewellery

These pieces are all about colors – amber, amethyst, jade, turquoise or ruby, all those precious stones and gems make this variety of jewellery even more appealing. The combination between the yellow gold and the beautiful blue, greed and red colors of stones and gems make Egyptian jewellery suitable for almost any occasion. If you want a touch of warmth and color to your outfits, these pieces is the way to go – the magical power of those very special items will make you look amazing each and every time.

It's very important, however, to match the jewellery with your outfits. Since Egyptian jewellery contains generally oversized pieces, with a lot of stones, you need to be very careful not to over-accessorize. Instead of an entire set– necklace, rings, bracelets, earrings – you should stick with only one, spectacular piece. If you want to emphasize the chest area, pick the necklace. If you love the way your arm looks, than a couple of cheerful, colorful, gems adorned Egyptian bracelets are perfect for you.

Pick Versatile Egyptian Jewellery

This type of jewellery is very versatile. You can wear such items during the day, with casual outfits, but you can also wear them in the evenings, with an elegant dress. The secret stands in adjusting your clothes to the special look of Egyptian jewellery. You can wear Egyptian jewellery with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and you can wear them with a long summer dress. You can even match a set of Egyptian jewellery with a sexy cocktail dress. However, you should avoid wearing big, outstanding pieces with conservative outfits, such as a business suit.

When you accessorize your outfits with Egyptian jewellery, you need to make sure the colors from the jewellery compliment the color of your clothes. The main ingredients of Egyptian jewellery are the exquisite colors; this is why, when wearing such jewellery, you should pick simple clothes, in basic colors. If you want people to notice your beautiful jewellery, choose a basic, simple outfit. A classic dress, like a black cocktail dress, can be completely transformed by a yellow gold and lapis lazuli necklace and some matching bracelets: you will look sexy and mysterious and you'll turn all the heads.

Egyptian Jewellery-The Perfect Gift For Friends And Relatives

Nobody can resist to the ancient charm of Egyptian jewellery. If you want to offer such a piece to someone, as a gift, add some personal touch to your gift. For example, you can find out the birthstone of that person and you can buy her or him Egyptian jewellery decorated with that stone. Finding someone's birthstone is quite easy: if you know their birth date, all you have to do is searching on the Internet the stone related to that date. Also, you can order them a ring or a bracelet with their name spelled in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They make inexpensive, yet beautiful garnishments you can use to adorn yourself in an unconventional manner or you can give to others, as a gift.