Coming up with fun activities for kids to do around the holidays can get expensive, but a coloring Christmas book is just one idea that can save on your pocketbook, and is also a great way to decorate your home.

One great way to do this is to download free printable Christmas coloring book pages from the internet.  There are many sites online that offer these, and with many themes.  You can simply create a coloring Christmas book for your kids ahead of time with themes and designs that are age appropriate.

Some possible sites are   On this site you simply pick the picture you are interested in and click on it, and you are taken to a larger version of that picture for you to print. – This site offers coloring pages for different times of the year or just for fun as well as games.  They have some really cool Christmas coloring pages too. – this site offers many coloring pages for different themes and ages as well as games and more.

There are many sites available, many are free and some offer even better coloring pages for a small fee. 

Activity Idea or a Great Gift idea - You can print off different pictures for them to color ahead of time and collect them all into their very own binder or simply punch the pages with a 3-hole punch and use ribbons to hold the book together, or you can put a simple hole in the top left corner and attach a ribbon this way.  Then purchase some crayons and you now have a great gift idea.

Reuse center – Another great source for crayons, pens, markers etc., is the reuse centers.  Many people will have a good cleanout before the holidays, and there will be old games, puzzles and many times boxes of assorted crayons.  These may already be used but are still usable, but if you fill a box with an assortment of crayons, pencil crayons and more the kids will be quite happy to let their imaginations go wild while coloring, even if they are partially used.  The supplies do not have to be new to have fun, plus this is a great way to recycle.

I used to find many crayons and creative craft supplies at reuse centers that my kids loved.

Dollar Store – This can be a great source for coloring Christmas books.  They are usually smaller but just as much fun, especially for the younger kids.  You can also get coloring pencils, crayons and some water paints at the dollar store.Coloring Christmas Book

Online sites such as Amazon also sell great Christmas coloring books in many themes, and some more detailed ones for the older kids.  You can quite often find more selection if you look online, and they are affordable.  Many sites have free shipping too.

Christmas Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)

Decorating the house with Coloring pages – this can be a great way for the kids to decorate their rooms or the house with their Christmas pages.  You can get some coloring books that are created on tissue type paper so that they create a “stained glass” look which decorate a window very nicely.

You could also take your free downloadable pages and print them on a tissue type paper designed for printers so they can have that same stained glass effect.

Coloring books have never gone out of style, even with all the computer games and technology that is available for kids, there is still nothing more satisfying to them than coloring a page with crayons and these are a great craft idea to keep them busy on those cold or rainy days.