Painting kitchen cabinets is a lot more cost effective than replacing them. Plus, you'll have a wide variety of neutral colors to work with so you can choose the exact color that matches your countertops or floors. It take a lot of time to paint cabinets so here are a few tips to make sure that you get the right color and finish for painting kitchen cabinets.

Choose a finish that works for your family. Sure, you might not be thrilled with a glossy paint finish but it will be easier to clean. Flat paint types are generally not practical for kitchens because they can't stand up to all of the wear and tear. You could paint these cabinets anything from black to a daring aqua, orange or fuchsia. You'll want to paint the entire cabinet bank; just giving the doors a different shade might be easier but it also breaks up the sleek lines that are essential for modern design.

Pick a color that compliments your counters. Countertops are expensive to replace but the paint color for your cabinets can change how you feel about them. If you have butcher-block counters then give them a country feel. You could paint your cabinets a bright apple green or worn denim blue. Just make sure that when you choose a bold color for the cabinets that it doesn't overwhelm your space. Then you'll need to bring in a lot of neutral colors in the rest of the room for balance.

You could always just paint the lower or upper cabinets a different color. You could also add a spot of color to your room by painting the cabinets on the side of your kitchen different and add molding so they look like a hutch. You could try the same affect on your kitchen island if you aren't up to painting all of your cabinets.

Take flat front cabinets into a modern design. This is perfect if you feel like your cabinets are just too plain or they don't have a specific design style. If you walked into a designer showroom you'd see plain contemporary cabinets. This allows you to get the look for less. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with color to get a contemporary style. It will also make white walls and floors look intentional and neutral furniture becomes an asset.

White cabinets don't have to be boring. Think of them as a staple. They can look vintage, shabby or modern depending on how you style the rest of the room. This is a great design idea if you don't plan on repainting for along time because you can transition your room around without having to do laborious refinishing projects.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a lot of work but it also has a big payoff. You might be surprised at how much character and potential that awful color or outdated wood stain had been hiding all these years. Painting kitchen cabinets freshens things up and allows you to get a specific design style in your space instead of your room just looking like it needs a complete remodel.