If it's your first time painting you are probably worried about which colors to paint a kitchen. This is one of the most intimidating rooms to work in because there seems to be a lot of pressure to make the "heart of your home" perfect. It just seems like any renovation you do in the kitchen seems like it has really high stakes. This can lead you to pick boring tones or just use too much color for your space. Here are some ideas for colors to paint a kitchen.

Compliment your existing fixtures. You might want to make a design board. Sure, your kitchen probably seems like it's all white but this isn't always the case. All stones and most ceramic tiles have different undertones, flecks and veins. Assemble samples of your existing tile, flooring, cabinets and appliances. Putting them together all in the same place can help you see the common themes and threads. If there is one piece that sticks out like a sore thumb then think about what color or finish you can use to tie it in with the rest of your pieces.

Pick a neutral cabinet color. If you've ever painted kitchen cabinets you probably vowed to never do it again. You might think that it's just going to be a simple project. However, getting around all that molding and taking the doors off and putting them back on as well as adding hardware and sanding and priming takes a lot of work. For this reason it's better to pick a color that you can use for several years or decades. White is a classic cabinet color but you can also find different shades of green or taupe that will be neutral enough to last for a long time. If you want something a little more daring then go with black kitchen cabinets.

If you are going to replace your cabinets' in the next few years you have more liberty for colors. You could restain your cabinets with a blue gray wash that could seem country or modern. For a Zen or arts and crafts room then stain your cabinets a sage green; you'll want the natural wood grain to still show through. Then you'll want to paint your walls taupe or white instead of using more green to compliment the cabinets and create an actual color scheme.

Create a theme. Most kitchens have a lot of things in common like they all have fridges, stoves, floors and countertops. There are even the same shapes of kitchen designs used over and over. Color is your chance to express your personality and create a specific theme in your room. For a modern design focus on metals paired with dramatic wood tones. You can also bring in frosted glass and stainless steel appliances. Go all out on your rangehood and use oversized pendant lights. The stainless steel and rich espresso or ebony wood tones act as your color and texture in the room. Then you can just keep the walls a neutral taupe or gold so they don't compete with the selling features of your home.

Colors to paint a kitchen can pick a specific theme or feeling. It can make your space feel bigger or more intimate depending on what your room needs. It takes a little bit of time and trial and error to put a color palette together but it's worth it in the end.