When choosing a style of coloured contact lenses, you'll have to really make up your mind because it is something everyone will see you wearing. Some coloured contact lenses are very "over the top" and can actually make you look funny. I've seen some coloured contact lenses that match the person extremely well, for instance, colors like Blue, Green and Hazel are the best colors to go with.

There are 3 differentstyles of coloured contact lenses that you can get, these style of contact lenses different in visibility and the color effectiveness of the contact. The 3 styles are Visibility, Enhancement and Opaque Color tint coloured contacts lenses. I found a great article about these different styles of contact lenses and I'll give you a brief summary of what the article was basically saying.

Visibility tint contacts don't chaneg the color of you eyes as much as you think, thus style of contacts are meant for the ease of finding your contact lenses. They have a very light tint to them and really don't make a difference in your eye colour once it put on.

Enhancement tint coloured contact lenses are a little more tinted in color but still allows the person to perfect see through them. This style of contact lenses does extactly what it says, it enhances your eye color. When wearing this style of coloured contact, people will be able to notice a enhancment of your normal eye color which makes it look very appealing to others.

The last coloured contacts are called the Opaque Color tint contact lenses, these are more solid in color and drastically changes your eye color. Say if you currently have a brown eye color, if you were to put on an Green Opaque Color tint contact lense, you eyes will actually become that color, it completes block out your natural eye color. For some people this is exactly what they want and usually opt for thisstyle of tint contact lenses.