The Columbia Sportswear compnay has been making high quality clothing for over 70 years now. Every product that Columbia makes is designed with the person who has  a passion for the outdoors in mind.

Columbia is famous for its winter jackets and parkas, but they also have a complete line of spring jackets for men.

These jackets give you protection against the worst thunderstorm that Mother Nature can throw at you will being breathable so you will not seat under your rain jacket.

Here are some examples of the spring jackets that Columbia has available:

  • Men's PFG Supercell Jacket:  This jacket has everything on it that a guy who never has had enough sense to come in out of the rain could want. This jacket comes in 5 sizes and 2 colors and features OmniDry ultra breathable technology that will keep you dry without making you sweat.
  • Men's Omni Heat Squall Line Parka: This parka will keep you warm in winter, but with its nylon and polyester fabrics, it will not make you overheat in the spring, especially if you don't wear it with a liner. This jacket is fully sealed and comes in 4 colors and 3 sizes.
  • Men's American Angler Jacket: This is another one of those fully sealed, fully breathable jacket that is also lightweight and easy to manuever in while wearing. This jacket comes in 5 sizes and 3 colors. 
  • Men's Erudite Parka: this is another one of those lightweight parkas that when worn without a liner makes a splendid apring jacket. This jacket is also completely sealed, making it possible for you to ride out the worst spring storms. This jacket has an adjustable and removable hood and comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors.
  • Men's Bugaboo Parka: The Bugaboo Parka is the parka that started the whole Columbia parka sensation. This one first hit the market in 1986 and is still going strong. This is another one of those that if you take the parka out you can wear it all spring and summer long to protect yourself against those thunderstorms or high waves.

Columbia Sportswear company makes some of the best jackets on the market. The ones that I have mentioned here are specificially designed for the hard core outdoorsman. These jackets are not meant for a guy who is simply going to wear to wrok and sit behind a desk. Of course, Columbia does have a line of fleece jackets  that are designed for that, but I think that Columbia Jackets are meant to be used and used hard!