Columbia Stinson Slide SandalThe Columbia Stinson

is a comfortable slide sandal, but is nowhere near as technical as a shoe such as the Keen Newport H2.  The Columbia Stinson has many advantages over other slide style sandals.

Lower Cost

The Columbia Stinson is a lower cost sandal. As with most of Columbia branded shoes you get a comfortable shoe at a fairly reasonable cost. The Columbia Stinson is by no means a technical slide, but it is a great sandal to wear out camping or after A good workout at the gym.

The Columbia name comes with brand recognition, but you do not pay a premium as you do with some of the Nike Slides. The simple Swoosh logo on the side of the Nike Slide can instantly add more dollars to the retail cost. If coolness and hip are your factors when looking for a slide the Stinson may not be your first choice, but if you are simply looking for a comfortable sandal for days fishing then the Stinson could be an excellent choice when looking to buy a pair of new slides.

Large Size Selection

If you wear a hard to find sandal in sizes 14 or 15 then you will be happy with the Columbia Stinson. Online shoe retailers such as Zappos offer this comfortable slide in the larger sizes of 14 and 15. Nike carries all of their men’s slides in size 14 and 15, but if you want to save a few bucks you can buy the Columbia Stinson.

The Techlite outsole is a polyurethane blend that is cushioning and comfortable. It will support your feet, but you need to remember that slides are not designed to endure long walks in the desert or day long hikes around Disneyland.

Durability of Columbia Stinson Slide

If you are the type of person who wears their slides daily, then you can expect to get 1 full season of hard use out of them. 3-4 months of daily wear will erode the support and stability of the Stinson slide, but for $25.00 you can get your money’s worth.

Buy Columbia Stinson Online

The Columbia Stinson slide may be found at one of your local shoe retailers, but the best prices come from online retailers such as Zappos. You can also buy the Stinson slide at Amazon. When ordering the Columbia Stinson online you will often get the best price, may not have to pay tax, have a larger size availability, and even free shipping if you use Zappos.

Stinson Comfort

The overall comfort of the Stinson is very cushioning to the feet. The Stinson slide will semi-form to the shape of your feet and provide additional arch support. Some people have reported discomfort with the piece that fits over the top of your foot. If you have extremely wide feet you may notice an irritating rubbing from the rubber foot strap. If you do experience this you can use Bag Balm to lubricate your foot in that area and it will help to stop the discomfort until the slide is broke into your feet and walking habits.

Overall the Columbia Stinson Slide is a great bargain, especially when you buy the Columbia Stinson online.