Most homeowners are unaware of a crucial truth: the air is inside our homes, universities and other buildings often is too polluted. That may seem worrying, but do not panic – there are many simple choices to refresh the air inside our homes.
Consumers often forget the significance of air pureness. Homeowners believe that because their homes are clean, the indoor air is clean as well. Unfortunately, light pollutants such as dust, mold spores, and skin particles can be common in even the cleanest of homes. There are many air refresheners sold on the market, but if you’d opt out to go for a eco option, we recommend the next options:

1. Flora
While all plants are capable of filtering out toxic particles from indoor atmosphere, research by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration indicates that some green plants are very successful in filtering out toxins and carbon dioxide from the air. A homeowner should allow one green plants for every nine m2 of floor space. The more effective the green plants, the more it can filter. What are the most effective green plants that are in the among the best: Janet Craig dracaena, English ivy, Australian sword fern, peace lily, rubber plant, and weeping fig.

2. Aetherolea
It has been researched that distributing ethereal oils into the atmosphere is one of the best solutions to clean the atmosphere we dwell in. The ethereal oils boast some anti-viral features that aid to remove chemicals and bacteria in the atmosphere.

3. Beeswax flame
Common paraffin candles are made from petroleum that contaminates the atmosphere every time you burn them. Beeswax candles, on the contrary, offer a tremendous advance over paraffin ones: once the candle sticks are lit, they cleanse the atmosphere efficiently while offering a pleasant honey odour, a calming and golden fire. This is an interesting solution for large rooms.

Natural wax seems to be the sole material able to spread negative ions, that assist to remove toxins from the atmosphere.