Combating acute pericarditis and conquering it is a must to be free from this dreaded heart attack. Pericardium is a membrane or sac which holds or covers the heart. Think of it as an apple enclosed in a polythene sac. Pericarditis is a disease or inflammation of the pericardium. The root cause or causes of the inflammation may be due to infection or otherwise.

Signs and Symptoms

In all heart diseases, as well as pericarditis, observable signs and symptoms include:

i. Breathlessness or shortness of breath after a slight exertion

ii. Chest pain or tightness

ii. Swollen legs, ankles or abdomen

iii. Tiredness without a known origin

iv. Double vision

v. Severe and persistent headache

vi. Dizziness

vii. Indigestion

viii. Loss of appetite

ix. Low or excessive heart beat

x. Fever, if infected

xi. Coma, if critical

Pericarditis can result to obstruction in heart pumping, and hindrance to normal muscular heart pump. In this way fluid may collect, leading to heart failure.

Diagnoses require adequate and complete clinical and radiological tests, like scanning, blood analysis, x-ray, ECG, CAT, advanced imaging techniques, etc.

Proper treatment involves knowledge of the patient's history or medical record, both paste and present, to find out the true cause of the problem, and to be able to proffer the best treatment possible.

Pericarditis and other heart diseases are serious conditions that may put the life of victims in danger. The condition is best handled by cardiologists in a specialist hospital, with best medical facilities and medical experts.

The heart may be operated. Heart operations have been known to occur in cases of joint heart, hole in the heart, Siamese twins, and in the insertion of pacemaker in the heart for better heart pumping. Cardiac heart transplant may be administered, as a form of treatment to bring relief.

Cardiologist or medical experts can help any victim of acute pericarditis by maintaining circulation with cardiac support machines, undertaking frequent ECG and diagnosis, control and cure of infections, administering quality drugs, cross matching blood perfectly, keeping the kidneys in good condition, being careful with drips, observe adequate monitoring, and watchfulness. Early treatment of infections that may result to acute pericarditis, can offer help.

In addition, moderate diet, personal hygiene, and exercise, must be considered before this time. Harmful habits like alcohol intake, cigarette and smoking, should be avoided. Stress level must be managed favorably too, with adequate rest, and freedom from anxiousness.

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