Things to remember after an injury

Reduce your pain with a few proven techniques

Recently a family friend had one of their children involved in a horrible automobile accident.  The crash left the young man with broken bones in several places with multiple bone fractures to one leg in particular.  Accompanying the breaks is a case of nerve damage.  I too, on a much smaller scale, had and accident recently where I stepped on a nail with the ball of my foot and pierced my foot almost through and through.  Almost two weeks later I am still in much more pain than I thought I would be initially.  I am told that it is most probably nerve damage as many of the nerves in the foot meet at the location which I unwillingly decided to tenderize.

 As I can only imagine the pain my friend must be experiencing I can testify to the incredible pain I have undergone with a seemingly simple injury.  The pain was very tolerable with the initial skewer and I cleaned my foot almost appropriately.  It wasn’t until that night that I would be subjected to a pain I have not felt in years.  My foot began to swell and the constant indescribable pain was enough to cause me to rock back and forth on my head and knees like a belligerent adolescent after having been scolded.  

After going to the emergency room the next morning and getting the normal round of tetanus shots and being told by the doctor that I was getting soft in my old age I went home with a prescription of pain killers and a day of continual discomfort as I submerged my foot into a bucket of snow for 30 minutes at a time several times that day.  This helped slightly with the swelling but didn’t do much for the overall pain issue.  It was only after taking some rather potent pain medication that I got any relief from the pain.  

 My accident happened on a Saturday afternoon and that following day allowed me to begin the healing process without having to miss any scheduled work.  However, Monday rolled around far more quickly than I would have liked and I found myself unable to walk.  I worked from my bed with iPads and a laptop strewn all over the place, I did my best to stay off of my foot so it could heal.  This craziness lasted several days until I could lye down no longer and started to crutch it and hobble around the house.  

The pain would come and go in it’s intensity.  And because I was not at peace with being less mobile than normal I did not remember some of the valuable lessons learned from my day of being injured while in school.  One such major lesson and great idea was suggested to me from one of my children’s teachers.  A retired Lieutenant Colonel reminded me that I ought to soak my foot in a pail of very warm Epson Salts and water solution.  How could I have forgotten?

As I was now on day 3 of my injury it was indeed time to start with something warm to get the circulation rolling again.  I grabbed my 5 gallon pail and did as suggested, after making a hobbling trip to the store to pick up the Epson Salts, and boy did that make a difference.  The results were great and it has put me on a much faster road to recovery.

What are my take aways from this?

  1. Clean your wounds well
  2. Elevate and ice for the first 24-48 hours to reduce swelling
  3. Begin some sort of heat regimen.  The addition of the Epson Salts for relief of soreness was a time tested prescription I had forgotten about, but was happy to be reminded.  
  4. Be patient, pray, do your best to relax and your body will heal much more quickly.

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