When you are looking to buy a car seat, you want to have one that's safe, durable, easy to use and will be comfortable for your child. Combi over the past several years has been making car seats that has been getting excellent reviews from a variety of books that rate baby products on all the above qualities. They currently offer the three major car seats that are available; infant, convertible and booster.

Combi offers a great infant car seat called the Shuttle. This is the type of infant seat that can be removed from the base so that your baby can still remain in the seat and not be disturbed if he or she is sleeping. One of the appealing features is that the Shuttle can be used in conjunction with all of the 2009 Combi strollers. This allows the opportunity for more choices when you are picking out your favorite stroller. The Shuttle offers features like 5-point harness, which is considered the safest, energy absorbing EPS foam, easily adjustable harness system and removable and washable seat cushion. It is can be used from birth up until 22 pounds.

If you are looking for a car seat that may be more economical, then you might want to choose a convertible car seat. The con of using an infant seat is that they can only be used until a child is 22 pounds. Depending on your child, he or she may weigh 22 pounds as early as 6 months old and then you would no longer be able to use the seat. The convertible car seat can be used in the reverse position for an infant and then changed to forward facing until your baby/toddler is 40 pounds.

Combi offers the Coccoro and the Zeus 360. The Coccoro comes in a variety of fun and attractive colors like key lime, cool mint, strawberry shake and cherry pie or more traditional shades such as chestnut or licorice. Some of the Coccoro's features are 5-point harness, energy absorbing EPS foam, rear and forward facing lock-ups, 4 height adjustments. It also has the convenience of an easily removable and washable seat cushion and pull harness for strap adjustment. The Coccoro can be used in rear facing up until 33 pounds and forward facing until 40 pounds.

The Combi Zeus 360 has many of the features of the Coccoro, however, it has a unique design that includes an anti-rebound base and can be switched from rear facing to forward facing without having to re-install. For anyone that has tried in accurately install a car seat, this feature can be such a delight! Removing and installing a car seat can be a challenge and this conveniently ends the struggle. The Zeus 360 comes in the color choices of chestnut and licorice. The Zeus 360 is an exciting new product from Combi and just came unto the market mid-July 2009.

Combi's newest booster seat is called Kobuk. It comes in the color black opal and can be used from 33-100 pounds. It has adjustable arm and backrest, the backrest can be removed to accomodate your growing child. It also has vented cushion shell and energy absorbing foam.

Combi newest car seats for 2009 offer the safest standards and cutting edge technology to make car seat installation a breeze for parents. The car seats are also great looking as well as functional for every day needs. If you are looking for a brand to trust, Combi has been around for a long time and it's no wonder that the company that based it's name on the word "combination" as in of parent and child is able to provide products that meet both parent and child needs.