Combination chemotherapy refers to the combination of drugs that are used to effectively fight cancer. When drugs are used in combination they are more successful when they are tried on their own. For a patient who is receiving this kind of treatment it might seem as though the side effects are more of a problem than the illness, but it is necessary that the patient get through their treatment regime to successfully eradicate cancer in their body.

The doctor will determine which chemotherapy drugs will be used for the treatment of your type of cancer. Different drugs have proven to be more successful on certain types of cancer than others. That is the reason that it is necessary for your doctor to determine what kind of drugs will work best on the cancer that you have. When the drugs are used on your cancer, the doctor will constantly monitor the progress that you are having and adjust dosages accordingly. It might be necessary for the doctor to change a medication or to adjust the dosage that you receive to give you the best possible outcome in your treatment.

You will receive the drugs used in combination with radiation treatment at times as well. Radiation therapy is generally used to minimize or eliminate the source of the cancer such as a tumor or cancer tissues. When you are receiving this kind of treatment you will most likely feel fatigues and some very difficult side effects. It is very important that you report all of the side effects to your doctor so that they can monitor your condition while you are fighting cancer. It is possible for your white blood cells to be diminished while you are receiving combination chemotherapy. You will be more susceptible to infection during this time and it is vital that you report any of the signs of infection to your doctor right away.

In some cases the doctor will suspend chemotherapy treatment while your white blood cell counts are too low. Once they have been increased and any infection eliminated, the chemotherapy can resume. You must do your best to stay in the best possible health while you are receiving combination chemotherapy. That includes getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy and well balanced diet.

Let your doctor know how you are tolerating combination chemotherapy so that he can monitor your progress. It will be necessary for your doctor to be aware of everything that is happening with your health so that medications can be adjusted and problems watched out for.