You are moving in together; how can you do it without creating issues between the two of you? I‘m not talking about selling/giving away your current houses and purchasing a new one together. Here I want to talk about how to combine belongings of two people and how to move everything from two homes to just one. 

Again, planning everything well is the the way forward. Look around your properties and see what items you have already and discuss the style and look you want for your new home. You definitely won’t be able to use all the furniture and ornaments, but you should try to agree on what to keep and what to get rid of. Be practical, don't just dispose of everything and start again, try and save yourselves some dollars and use what you already have without it looking mismatched. If your house has old world furniture in, while your partners is ultra modern the two styles are unlikely going to go together, so you may have to look at each room on an individual basis.

Try not to be mean! I mean, you might despise your partner‘s favourite chair or throw; but that is no excuse to just throw out anything they really want to take. You may be used to getting your own way, after all you lived by yourself; but now there is two of you to make decisions, so ask them what they think. Remember, that how ever much you are similar, the home is never going to be exactly what you want and that is the same for both of you. 

Look at how many weeks you have before the move and break the jobs down into manageable portions. I know it‘s not nice to get rid of your belongings, but the smartest thing is to do this before the actual move. It will be much smoother that way - you won’t have to pack them, take them to the new home, unpack them and give them away later. The time saved will be worth it, cost of moving will be cut and room saved. As much as we would all love to keep all our items, it is not possible, really.

As a Toronto realtor, I have a proposal for you. Go into each room and write down everything you own, ask your partner do the same. You are going to see belongings that are duplicated; make a note of them and look at the appearance and age of these duplicated possessions. After you have decided on everything, write down what exactly you will keep and what you want to chuck away. Then think about what you can do with the items you don‘t want in your new house - having them unused in the garage might not be the best decision, you could perhaps sell them and get some extra money together. 

I believe combining two different properties, different furniture and decorations is extremely tough. Discussion really is the most important thing here, talk about it calmly and I‘m sure you will not have any problems you can’t sort out.