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When reading books most readers prefer to have a very descriptive account of what is happening, how it looks, smells, tastes, feels, etc.   As a web content writer you may have forced yourself to quit writing in this manner as writing for the web is vastly different then writing a fiction book. In general we want our web based articles to be written to convey a point and knowledge at the 7th grade reading level. We want our article to be smooth to read, interesting, informative, and more importantly the ability to wet the reader to click on an ad or link and buy a product. Although writing a fiction book and writing for the web are very different, but they don’t need to be.

If you like to write descriptive and insightful paragraphs for books you can carry that style over to article writing for the Internet.  If you are writing product review types of articles then your flowy literary style may be perfect depending upon the product you are reviewing in the article. Even if you are not writing a product review type of article you can still manage to integrate the 2 vastly different styles of writing.

Writing web content often comes down to Search Engine Optimization and proper layout. You can quickly get bored of writing this way if you do this article writing full-time.  What you need to do is develop your own style of writing web articles.

If you want to combine the 2 styles of writing you can still write great articles but instead of focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you focus on developing a writing style that is both fun for you to write as well as gaining loyal readers who will return to view more of your content because of your interesting articles and literary style.

Instead of focusing on gaining all of your article views from one time readers from the Google Search Results you can create your own interesting style of writing article prose, generate numerous repeat visitors who like your style and actually enjoy reading your articles, and you will still have the added benefit of being able to continue receiving visitors from Google Search Results, albeit a few less than if you simple SEO each and every article and wrote in a dry boring tone.

Instead of focusing on SEO techniques all the time try to integrate some fun into your articles. A little bit of well placed humor or great insight of a product review can be worth much more than a perfectly Search Engine Optimized article. We all know that we may have a perfect SEO researched article yet fail to get the visitors we expected to.

By injecting an interesting way of writing you can build a name for yourself as not necessarily a SEO writer, but a web content writer who is able to provide great content that website visitors truly enjoy reading as opposed to some dry and flaky prose designed simply to get clicks on your Ads and links.