Come to win by Venus Williams: Book review

Venus Williams’s book: “Come to Win” is a masterpiece that compiles the success stories of successful personalities across different industries explaininghow sports can help you top your profession. This Compendium draws a parallel between the life as a sportsman and as a businessman or any other thing in life. What is most captivating is that the Denzel Washington’s, and Vera Wang’s and Ken Chenault’s all unanimously agree that sports have impacted their careers. This book teaches essential life lessons and it couldn’t have been any better than hearing them from some of the people we admire the most.


Come to win by Venus Williams: Book review

What I loved: It took me three weeks to read this book. Not because it wasn’t interesting, rather my slow pace was down to the fact that the essayists always had an important lesson waiting for me whenever I opened sat down to read. My study took the same pattern; I sat, read, took notes and reflected and started the whole circle again.


What I disliked: I hated the fact that no writer was featured in this book. I don’t know if Williams didn’t think of writers as successful people.


Lessons Learned: According to journalist Bonnie Ford, “this book hammers home the point that successful people don’t always win, but they nearly always learn something useful when they lose. It’s a timeless message.” This book teaches that learning from our failures as we move on with our lives is an essential ingredient for success.


For parents, enroll your kids in sports if you want them to learn the rudiments of success and when they are in it do not let them quit until the season is through.



On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give this book a 9. Several months after I finished reading it, I still pick it up for some references. I will hold on to this book and keep calling on it from time to time for motivation. I recommend it for parents, people who want to be successful one day and students.