Comfortable Flats Are Great For many Occasions

Heels have long been a necessary part of any woman’s wardrobe, but anyone who has worn them for a long period of time knows that they can also be one of the most uncomfortable and blister-inducing types of footwear ever invented.

Fortunately, the much more comfortable flats option has been back in style for the past few years. Comfortable flats are great for many occasions both formal and informal, and as such these shoes can be a good substitute for heels.

But where did these comfortable flats come from? Despite being seemingly modern footwear, flats have been around for a very long time. During the 16th century men were known to wear a similarly styled shoe, which were then known as “pompes.” Unlike modern flats, however, pompes were almost always worn with a type of sock or tights (today’s comfortable flats can be worn with or without them). In medieval times, flats were popular with both men and women.

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It was only when the high-heeled show came into fashion after the Queen Consort of France, the fashionable Catherine de’Medici, requested that two inches be added on to the bottom of her wedding shoes, thus launching heels into mainstream footwear for much of the 17th and 18th centuries. However, their popularity died quickly when the infamous Marie Antoinette was widely reported to have walked to her execution at the guillotine wearing a pair of fashionable heels. Function then took precedence over fashion, and thus shoes like sandals, boots and flats prevailed throughout the 19th century.

It wasn’t until decades later that flats regained popularity— when Audrey Hepburn rocked comfortable flats in the 1957 movie “Funny Face” while wearing skinning jeans (another clothing item that has gone in and out of mainstream fashion). The footwear has been in and out of fashion since then, varying slightly in style with each new emergence. In today’s times, nobody can deny that comfortable flats can far outweigh any other woman’s shoe when it comes to being stylish without killing your poor feet.

Modern flats are derived from a soft ballet slipper, and they come with an extremely thin heel or none at all. Unlike ballet slippers, however these flats do not usually have any straps or ribbons to secure them on to the feet. Instead, they simply slip on and are held in place due to their snug fit and gripping of the toes (similar to how many sandals are worn). Really comfortable ballet flats will also have some sort of cushioned inner sole, although many flats don’t have this yet they are still considered much easier to wear than heels or wedges.

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Flats in general are not at all hard to find, and comfortable flats seem to be popping up in more and more places. Comfortable cute flats can now be found at most footwear, clothing or accessory stores, and they are sold in almost every color or print imaginable. Many women actually own more than one pair so they can be matched with different outfits. Comfortable flats can also be found online through many different clothing and shoe websites. Since you can’t try these ones on though before ordering, be sure to read whatever reviews are available from both consumers and sellers.

Demonstrating just how popular flats are, a lot of chain convenience stores also now sell comfortable flats that fold up and can be stored in a small bag, which are used by women who may want to change out of their heels towards the end of a workday or long event, like a wedding. Although they can have a slightly cheaper appearance than other, less portable, brands, these are nevertheless some of the most comfortable flats for walking.

Most flats are so versatile that they can be worn with outfits for all times of the year, but when items like comfortable flats become this popular, exploration takes place and new inventions come about. For instance, footwear manufacturers are also now making comfortable flats for different seasons. For example, winter flats often have thicker, waterproof soles and are a little thicker in appearance overall. On the other hand, comfortable flats for summer are lighter and come in designs that often allow feet to breathe better. These comfortable flats for different seasons also offer colors and prints that represent different times of the year, such as a warm plaid for winter and lighter pastels for summer.

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Of all the kinds of comfortable flats, however, many women will agree that the most important kind to have is a simple, basic pair of black flats. Nice, comfortable flats that are black can go with just about any outfit, and they are perfect for replacing high heels in a formal or business setting— some people even refer to nice black flats as “dress flats.” Comfortable black flats are also the easiest to find, and they are even the color that most portable flats come in.

Still, flats can come with their own set of problems too. For example, sometimes it can be a little hard to find comfortable flats with arch support. All too often, even the most comfortable flats can become surprisingly uncomfortable within a few hours for wearers with high arches. In addition to comfort problems, wearing shoes without arch support for an extended period of time can cause foot problems. Nevertheless, flats with arch support do exist, although they are typically a little more expensive than those with entirely flat inner soles.

In addition to arch support issues, even the most comfortable flats can cause blisters or small cuts in feet if worn for extended periods of time. These problems are nevertheless relatively easy to avoid. For example, many shoe stores now sell socks that are specially made for flats. These socks ride low on feet so that they are more of a foot liner and do not show above the top of the flat. Band-Aids can also be worn on heels or other areas of the feet that are prone to blistering.

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