If you're a lady and you've worn your fair share of shoes high and low, you logically want to find comfortable pumps for women. Comfy high heels are a must when you're on your feet for any length of time. Let's face it, none of us have the luxury of Oprah and can walk on the stage in high heels and then take them off when your two to four hour on camera portion of your work day is done. Luckily there are high heels specifically designed for people who have shoes that make their feet hurt.

 So if you're screaming: “Heels Hurt My Feet”, keep reading because this article is about the most comfortable pumps on the market today.

 If you're smart you'll want to look for comfortable shoes for women that also provide great value for the money. Cheap comfortable heels are something naturally you'll want to find. The good news is that there are at least three brands that answer the question facing women today, what are some of the most comfy high heels on the market today?

1. The Nike Air Technology Heels

 Back in the 90s, Nike came along and purchased Cole Haan and implemented the “Air” technology. I actually bought one of the first Nike Air Pumps out then and they were super comfortable, the heel was about 1 inch, but the shoe was very comfortable unlike any I had every worn. What was even better was that the shoe was nice looking too.

 It goes back to a basic concept with comfy shoes, that most women don't just want comfort, if that was the case, we'd be walking around with tennis shoes on all day, even with our more formal wear and business attire. Nike Air Heels from Cole Haan marry form and function. These really are beautiful shoes. And they have the sole of a tennis shoe or sneaker.

2. The Neutralizer Lennox Pump

Neutralizer heels have actually stepped up their design game and have recently brought about beautiful and comfortable pumps as well, especially with the Neutralizer Lennox Pump. Comfy heels are what Neutralizer really excels in and the Lennox pump is no different. This shoe brand has come up with a special ergonomic heel, the classic rounded toe and even an insole which is flexible. You might already know this but a pump design secret is to actually have a rounded heel to allow for extra room at the top of the shoe to maximize comfort. Is this the most comfy high heel shoe on the market? Well, if you take a look at many reviews, you'll likely find that this may in fact be the most comfortable pump on the market today.

3. Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity Pumps

The Easy Spirit company is similar to that of Nike Cole Haan in that this company sought to marry its tennis shoe or walking shoe sole with a nice heel. Again, the Easy Spirit company wasn't always well regarded for a really attractive contemporary pump. Women just thought with Easy Spirit that they had to make a choice between form and function. But with the Anti-Gravity pump, you really get both, the pretty and the comfort.

What is your most comfortable pump? Women really want to know!