Chaco unaweep sandals are high performance shoes with an impressive custom fit. They offer much more support and comfort than a standard flip-flop. I bought my first pair about four months ago, and I haven't worn flip-flops since.

Chaco Sandals


Chaco unaweep sandals have both an athletic and casual look. The sole of the sandal comes in black or brown, while the soft, polyester straps come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The straps wrap around the foot in many different ways depending on the style. For example, the Z2 model has a wrap around the big toe for extra stability while the Z1 let's the toes go free.


There are two essential elements of the Chaco sandals fit: the thick Vibram sole and the unaweep strap. The sole of the sandal is made by Vibram, a company known for producing high performance rubber. It's thick, comfortable, and offers a generous amount of arch support. The unaweep strap system is a unique way to custom strap your foot to the sandal. Each strap can be pulled and adjusted to fit the unique shape of your foot. This means no uncomfortable rubbing or painful blisters.


Chacos were made for walking. Unlike standard flip-flops, walking in Chacos is not damaging to your feet. You can walk for miles across varying terrain without feeling any pain. Additionally, once you adjust the unaweep straps correctly, you don't feel like you're wearing sandals at all, which is a far cry from the constant slap of a flip-flop.


One of the best qualities of Chaco sandals is their ability to last a long time. When purchasing a pair of sandals, you essentially have two options. You can buy a $3 pair of flip-flops every summer, damage your feet, break the cheap plastic, throw them out and buy a new pair next season. Or you can invest in a pair of sandals that actually support your feet and last for years to come. Chacos are undoubtedly built to last.


The price for Chaco unaweep sandals is rather high. They currently run at about $95; however, you may be able to find cheap Chaco sandals on Amazon for as low as $50. The standard price may scare away budget buyers, however it is just one negative factor to consider against all the other benefits.

The Downfall

It takes a long time to adjust the straps to fit properly. This means a lot of frustrating tugging and pulling and several initial blisters. I've had my Chacos for about four months and I still don't have it quite right. However, I've been assured that once you adjust the straps to fit your feet, you never have to adjust them again.


Chacos unaweep sandals will kick your pile of broken flip flops to the curb. They support your feet like no other sandal on the market. Your foot is custom strapped to a super supportive rubber sole. Although they are a little pricey, Chacos are certainly worth consideration.