Slippers are something that most men will not buy for themselves. I consider myself in this category. I can tell you though, when I saw a pair of some very nice sheepskin slippers sitting in a box that i had just unwrapped last Christmas, I was less than impressed.

Then I put them on. They were a pair of Sportsmans Guide, Guide Gear, Roll Booties. They had a suede uppers, with a sheep's wool-blend lining and a rubber outsole. They also had a padded footbed. Needless to say, I was quite impressed. I wear them just about every time I get home in the winter and have cold feet.

This prompted me to look for other slippers. I had no idea that they were so comfortable. i was amazed to learn that there were so many different kinds of slippers available to men. Here are some of the slippers that are available to men:

Acorn Shoes:

Men's Sheepskin Bootie: This bootie features a double-faced sheepskin upper designed to allow you to walk around in these slippers bare foot on the coldest of floors. These slippers are also fully lined with sheepskin. They also come with a non-slip waterproof outsole that is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Odin: These slippers have rough suede uppers with a soft, Italian wool blend tweed. The Odin is also lined with soft Sherpa fleece.

Romeo II: This classic moccasin design offers double-faced sheepskin uppers. The moccasin is constructed of suede and fully lined with sheepskin with a non-slip waterproof outsole that makes it possible to wear these slippers outside.


I have never heard anything bad said about Uggs.

Men's Kenton Bomber: These are an indoor-outdoor slipper with a suede outer layer and is fully lined with even has double-faced sheepskin uppers. These slippers also feature a rugged outsole that is designed to be used outside.

Ascot: This is another one of those slipper shoes. It is designed to be worn either in or outside.  this shoe comes in either suede or leather and is also available in a variety of colors.  Inside, this slipper is fully lined with sheepskin and it has a durable outsole that is designed to last even if you are wearing it around in the wintertime.

Slippers are something that  a man will never purchase for himself. Men's slippers come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that most of them have in common is a sheepskin lining.

UGG's Ascot Slippers