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Comic books are enjoyed and treasured my millions of comic lovers around the world.  Throughout the years they have been known for their wit, major super heroes and collectable appeal.  Most of those comic lovers may not be aware that some of their favorite comic books were changed because of various problems like unsuitable images, printing errors or possible lawsuits. Below are some of the more interesting of the recalls.

1.      All-star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #10-In the comic the thugs that the cape crusaders were after used foul language which appeared in the converstation bubbles just barely readable.  The ink that was used in these copies caused this little snafu.  The fact, that the words could be seen at all made this comic book less than desirable by the DC Comic organization and targeted for recall.

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2.    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, volume 1, issue 5-An advertisement was placed in this comic for a Marvel branded douche.  Due to the ad, the entire print run of the comic was ordered destroyed by DC Comic executive Paul Levitz.  Since Marvel was a competitor of DC Comics they were concerned about legal repercussions of leaving the ad in the comic.  Ironically, none were distributed in the US, but in the UK received a small batch and those copies escaped destruction.  Since only 100 are thought to be in existence, they are said to be extremely rare and therefore very valuable.

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3.   Universe X Spidey #1-The artist of this alternate Spiderman comic hid negative comments about a former Marvel Comic editor inside the issue.  On the panel of page 28 , as read sideways on the spines of the books were "Harras, ha ha, he's gone, good riddance to bad rubbish he was a, Nasty (blurred), s.o.b."  The words were spotted during a retailer first look at the comic and they were recalled.  The artist Al Milgrom was subsequently fired for this.  If you can appreciate the humor in this, Mr. Milgrom was quietly rehired only a few weeks later.

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4.    Elsewords 80 Page Giant-Can you imagine a baby superman climbing into a microwave oven?  Well this was the storyline in this comic.  DC Comic executives did not like the idea of baby superman being depicted that way.  Most of the copies were recalled and repulped however, those sent to England survived.  They are very rare comic books are very collectible as well.

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5.    Action Comics #869-Cover content caused this copy of the Brainiac story by DC Comics to be recalled.  The original copies of the comic showed Clark Kent in a suit with the famous “S” visible and his father drinking some bottled beverage.  DC was afraid that the bottled beverage could easily be perceived as a beer.   This caused DC to recall and destroy the covers and change the new ones so that the bottle clearly reads “Soda Pop.” 

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Comic books will remain an iconic part of our world; with wit, humor and many superheroes to keep us interested.  Recalled comics are some of the rarest and therefore collectible of all.  There are many others that have been recalled some are verifiable, some or not.  Do your research and check your collection.  Who knows, you may have one of these gems and not even realize it.