Beauty salon names can mean the difference between being just another beauty salon and being a hot topic of conversation. Something catchy and memorable is a necessity in the highly competitive beauty services industry. Names can be catchy-sounding, play on words, something edgy or risqué, or even just something that reminds people why you are different from the competition. Your name doesn't just represent your business it sells it too.

Creating Catchy Names

The key to coming up with catchy-sounding names is in the use of phonetics, or different sounds. Think about a song that you find particularly catchy, the catchiest part will have a simple and easy to repeat set of sounds, and this is what makes them so catchy. Getting your salon's name stuck in a passerby's head is the ultimate win because it means that they are going to remember the name. Often this technique is combined with one of the other techniques to create a really powerful name that stays in the customer's head forever.

When creating a catchy name listen to some of your favorite music for inspiration. Pop music is especially good for this as it's main strength is in it's catchy tunes and lyrics. You can even use or modify a small section of lyrics into a name if you can find something that sounds right. For example, a hair salon name that has been used before was 'Bombastic Hair', a name inspired by the Britney Spears song 'Bombastic Love'. Customers who listen to that same pop music can easily remember the salon's name by relating it to something they know well and the name itself uses the same catchy word that makes up the chorus of Britney's popular hit.

Names That Are a Play On Words

These clever names help customers to remember them by having a pun or word usage that makes them laugh. These can reference something about your salon, the town it is in, or just beauty in general. A popular example of a business with a name that is a play on words is the Australian hairdressers 'Curl-up-n-Dye'. This name recognizes that the words 'Dye' and 'Die' sound the same and makes a name out of the popular saying "Oh I could just curl up and die!". Even more cleverly this name also implies that the hairstyles cause people to exclaim this turn of phrase in envy.

Coming up with clever play on words that people also find funny is tough. Start out by thinking up as many different words as you can that apply to your business. If you own a hairdressers start out your list by writing out all of the tools you use (scissors, dye, comb, clippers etc.) If your business is run by two sisters and don't mind being a bit risque (the next naming technique in this article) then you could call your business 'The Scissor Sisters'. That name is sure to get people's attention!

Edgy or Risque Names

Used well, these sorts of names can be a powerful force for creating word of mouth and interest in your business. People like to talk and if a particularly edgy name has caught their attention they are likely to tell their friends about it as soon as possible. The most important part of using this powerful naming technique is knowing whether your customer base is going to be okay with it (find it funny) or whether they are going to be offended. It's a fine line between being humorous and being offensive so if you are unsure it is best to err on the side of caution and go for one of the safer naming techniques.

In coming up with a risque name you should think about something that pokes fun at your clientele or your own business but then makes people feel good about coming into the business. You can also use innuendo if it is appropriate (or appropriately inappropriate). A great example of a name that pokes fun at clientele but also makes them feel good about coming in is 'Ugly Duckling Beauticians'. This is risque as it suggests that your clients aren't particularly attractive but it also suggests that once they leave your business they will turn out to be a beautiful swan, just like the children's story with the same name.

Using Other Languages

Naming your beauty salon in another language is a tried-and-true naming technique. This method aims to make your business appear more fancy, elegant or exotic. Naming your hair salon in French is likely to make it sound more elegant while naming your day spa in an African language is likely to make it sound exotic. Both of these can get across a certain message and there is also the perception that good or services imported from another country have something special about them, just think about Thai massage or the Italian Ferrari for examples of this in action.

As attractive as this naming solution might be it is also extremely common. Every second beauty place is named in French or Italian and people are pretty used to this standard. They are so common in fact that 'Salon de Beaute' sounds just as plain as 'Beauty Salon'. If you can come up with a particularly relevant or meaningful name in another language then this can work well, however. Just make sure you tell your customers what you name means so they can tell their friends.

The Most Important Thing When Inventing a Name

Above all else the most important thing is that you think about what is appropriate for your customer base. Where is your business located? Are your customers high-income or low-income? What cultural heritage do they have? What is their primary religion? Choosing something that is offensive or that just doesn't make sense to your customers can destroy your business from day one. Even if you change the name afterwards the negative stigma is going to be stuck with you for a long time to come. Whichever naming technique you use, always put your customers first when coming up with beauty salon names.