There are many different pranks to pull on friends that you can come up with on your own, with just a little thought and effort. Everyone enjoys a good practical joke, and it's usually better to give than to receive. Someone has to be the funny one, so why shouldn't it be you? There are literally thousands of pranks to pull on friends that are sure to get laughs and live on in your memories forever. Here's how to come up with your own.

Think about the person or group that you're going to pull the joke on. This way, the pranks you pull on friends will be relevant to the specific person or group. This tends to make the joke funnier, so don't skip the personalization. There are some things to consider when you think of pranks to pull on friends, it's not just guess work. You can even stick with common items, like free fake parking tickets.

Consider fears when you come up with pranks to pull on friends. If you want to keep it funny and not scary, you don't want to go over the top with it, just enough to get a good scream and a laugh after it's done. Is the person or persons afraid of spiders? How about heights? You get the picture. Most people are able to laugh about their fears after the fact.

Think about past experiences of the people you'll be pulling the joke on. When think about pranks to pull on friends it's often the funniest when you do something the person can relate to. This can be a shared experience, or a night the person just wants to forget. There really is no limit, so use your head to come up with some great ideas.

Pitch your ideas to others that won't squeal. This way, you can brainstorm with multiple people and come up with even better pranks to pull on friends. In addition, more people will give the practical joke an opportunity to grow. Sometimes the big elaborate practical jokes are the funniest ones, so try to involve some others when it's appropriate.

Consider the small details when you come up with pranks to pull on friends. Will the person be home during set up? Will they be in a good enough mood to handle the joke? Do you have enough time to set it all up? Will your accomplices squeal on you?

Consider family members as sources of ideas. Again, you don't want to talk to anyone that will squeal, so use some caution. Siblings and parents can often add great insight and are a great tool for pranks to pull on friends.

Avoid the temptation to take it too far. When you come up with funny pranks to pull on friends it's important to make sure the joke is in fairly good taste. Things that are genuinely hurtful will often not be viewed as funny, so don't go overboard.