Naming your blog is a serious task. If you come up with a bad name, it could be disastrous for your business. For this reason, you need to put some serious thought into choosing the title of your blog. On the other hand, if you are not really concerned about gathering a large audience, then you should not worry so much about your choice of names. Otherwise, you should be prepared to come across a few issues when creating a title for your site. Hopefully, knowing the facts below will make it easier for you to come up with and reserve great blog titles and domain names.

The Difference between a Domain Name and a Blog Title:

Many people do not understand the difference between the name of the domain and the title of the blog; nevertheless, they are two different things. The name of the domain is actually the URL which is found in the address bar of the browser. The title of the blog is the name you give the site, and it appears on the pages of the blog. Generally, the blog title is placed in a very noticeable location on the homepage.

Self-Hosted? Tips for Naming Your Blog:

If your blog is self-hosted, it would be to your advantage to have your domain name be the same as the title of your blog. Of course if this is not possible, then you should pick names which correspond with each other. Doing this allows your audience to easily locate you. For instance, if you have a blog which is called, “My Own Words”, then a good domain name would be something like “” or “”.

Names for Sites on

When you create a site through, your username is used as a portion of the blog’s URL. For instance, if you select Bob2413 as your username, then the web address designated for your site will read as until you decide to purchase a distinct name for your domain.

How to Come up with Names:

You should begin your search for your blog name with the topic of your blog itself. Brainstorm a list of all the phrases and words that one would normally associate with your subject. If your blog is about you personally, then you might consider using your own name as the title. Do not be shocked if you are not the only person with your given name so have backup blog names just in case.

Trimming Down the Name Options:

You can quickly reduce your list of possible blog names by checking to see if a particular name has already been reserved. With the number of blogs and websites online today, you might find yourself searching for a while. Be sure and check out the “Work on an Original Name” section in this document to learn some efficient ways of checking name availability.

The Best Names are Gone!

During your search, you may feel frustrated because so many site names are already taken, but you should not give up your quest. If the name you desire is unavailable, you can always try and obtain a blog of the same name by spelling the title differently or adding a new word or phrase to make the blog name unique. If at all possible, you want to avoid using the same website or blog name as someone else. In addition to the two sites confusing your target audience, you also might have to deal with legal complications down the road.

Work on an Original Name:

The methods listed below are ways you can check to make sure you have an original blog name:
WordPress Browser Test – In your browser address bar, type out the proposed blog name that ends with the WordPress extension. If there is already a WordPress blog with that extension, it will show up in the browser. You may conduct the same test for blogs which are set up through blogspot. The only difference is that you will use as the extension.

Google Search – This time you are going to conduct a Google search using the name of your blog, followed by the word “blog”. The results of the search will let you know if your blog title is already being used.