Buenos Airesis a huge city, with lots of neighborhoods, some good, some not so good, some frankly dangerous for a tourist. Do yourself a favor: Find a newspaper shop and buy a Guia T. A little book with detailed maps of the entire city complete with bus lines, subways and trains. If fits in a jean’s back pocket, is very cheap and it will be of great service when visiting the city without a guide.


Rio de Janeiromight have some very picturesque “favelas” (shantytowns) with guided tours but that is not the case here.Buenos Aireshas its fair share of “villas”, very rough neighborhoods where you could get robbed or worse so, stay away from them.


Always look around when taking out a camera, an expensive phone or your wallet. That is an obvious advice for any place but especially true inBuenos Aireswhere insecurity levels are high.


A great website to search for good restaurants and bars with a very sharp advanced search engine is www.guiaoleo.com . Detailed descriptions, user reviews and pictures will help you choose any kind of place to eat a fancy dinner, grab a bite or have a drink in any part of the city you select.


If you like art and museums Buenos Aires has quite a few of those. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in Libertador Av. and Pueyrredon Av. has some great selection of world class art from many of the great masters past and contemporary. The Malba (Museo Latinoamericano de Bellas Artes) houses a pretty decent collection of Latin-American art in Figueroa Alcorta Av. and Salguero. The Museo de Arte Decorativo in Libertador Av. and Pereyra Lucena is a huge house made into a museum for visitors to see how rich families used to live in the early 20th century Buenos Aires. This three are within walking distance but a pretty big number of museums of all sorts are scattered all over the city and its whereabouts are well documented in the official website of the city: www.buenosaires.gob.ar


Watch your step. Many argentines have very bad manners when it comes to keeping the streets clean and well kept. Even as this has finally started to change in recent years it’s not uncommon to find dog waste in the middle of the sidewalk or on the street, carelessly thrown litter everywhere and loose tiles on the sidewalks so be careful where you set foot as you may receive a nasty surprise if you don’t.


Buenos Airesis slowly becoming a bike-friendly city. Bike trails can be followed along many streets, avenues and parks and in a few appropriately marked places you can rent a bike -for free! Just presenting some identification- provided by the local government. If you like bicycling don’t hesitate and head for one of these posts as this is a great way of traveling the city.


Buenos Aires city
Credit: FGP