In big establishments such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, stores and other public areas, maintaining worker and customer comfort is essential. Commercial air conditioners are, without a doubt, prime factors which contribute to health and comfort, worker productivity and economic vitality.

Importance of Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial buildings today are getting larger and larger, but making them more humid by the diameter. Commercial air conditioners, therefore, are important systems that keep the building and the business running by providing a comfortable temperature for clients to work and clients to transact business.

The importance of commercial air conditioners in today’s modern world is truly incomparable. Imagine a hotel without air conditioning. Would you still wish to stay in such a humid building that is bound to smell of sweat and other odors? A restaurant without air conditioning would not be so good too, as food easily rots in warm temperature. In hospitals, a warm environment would be intolerable for recovering patients and the medical team alike, and sweat is also a likely mode of transportation for communicable diseases.

Without these air conditioners, commercial settings would be unpleasant and the economy’s vitality would not thrive as strongly as it does now. These systems are not so noticeable at once, but take them away from any hotel, restaurant or hospital, and it will make a world of difference.  

Buying Commercial Air Conditioners

CACs are long-term investments made by business world-wide, and it is best to always invest in the best products available to ensure quality performance.

Although it expensive prices are misleading, this will not always be the case. Always purchase these big air conditioners from trusted labels such as Carrier, Lennox, or even Mitsubishi, and not just judge air conditioners by price. This will ensure that there are little or no minor deficiencies in your systems such as leakages in pipes and joints as they will most likely check them after installation. Some contractors, however, will still have to be reminded and it is your duty to do so to ensure satisfaction of their products.

For big industries that will require almost a 24-hour usage of air conditioning, purchase those marked 16 to 23 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). This allows cut down on costs from monthly electricity bills while still enjoying the comfort of a highly efficient cooling system. Considering the extensive use of a cooling system, this is very much recommended to save thousands of kilowatt hours.

Since commercial air conditioners are the most widely and extensively used, it won’t hurt to purchase environment-friendly cooling systems that will not only cool down the work area, but also help the ozone layer from acquiring more holes due to hydrochlorofluorocarbon or HCFC. Many high efficiency air conditioners are now using a safer refrigerant as a substitute: R-041A. This is safer for the environment and the atmosphere.

Additionally, make sure that all equipment that you will purchase is essentially sealed; the high containment integrity minimizes refrigerant loss. A lower emission of carbon dioxide is also highly appreciated when it comes to choosing your cooling system.

Types and Brands of Commercial Air Conditioners

There are different types of cooling systems available, and you can choose depending on which type will suit your work area’s design and building structure: the ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended, ducted and wall mounted air conditioners. They are in different shapes and sizes and some can be inconspicuously concealed in one corner of a room or another.

There are also other types, like the bigger air conditioners that can reach about six feet tall. This type of cooling system can be found mostly in restaurants and hotel lobbies and have digital temperature adjustors. Another kind is rooftop unit that are placed on rooftops, hence the name. The cooling air they provide travel in vents that also travel throughout a building.

There are many big names in the commercial air conditioners industry that provide systems with optimum performance. Lennox is one of the leading providers for air conditioners when it comes to high efficiency and low energy costs. Their systems also provide optimum indoor air quality to lower costs to improve productivity of staff. Trane is also a trusted and reliable supplier for quality 24/7 air conditioning services and cleaner air for all work areas.


Commercial air conditioners are essential to any commercial setting, and the loss of these cooling apparatus would devastate an entire enterprise. Always make sure to purchase air conditioners with high efficiency from trusted labels, and be mindful of saving energy costs and the ozone layer. Choose healthy and safe commercial air conditioners to attain higher worker productivity and customer satisfaction.