Starting your own commercial cleaning franchise, can be very profitable for you. Starting a franchise business is often cheaper than trying to start everything from scratch. When you enter a contract with an established company, you usually get their guidance and the use of their already popular name. Think about somebody opening a new fast food restaurant that they name after themselves. They will have to build up their reputation from scratch, before people start to associate their name with something good to eat. Now, imagine somebody opens up a fast food restaurant that has the same name as one that is already well known, and serves the same food. Then, the person does not have to advertise or try to build up a reputation. Most of the population is already familiar with the name, and knows all about it. It is the same thing when you start a commercial cleaning franchise. Instead of starting from scratch, you use a famous name.

Most everybody wants a clean home or business, but very few people want to do the cleaning and would prefer to hire a professional. This means there is a high demand for cleaning services no matter the economy. A commercial cleaning franchise can be run from your home, which would save you a lot of money on having to invest in a special building. That will also allow you to be home with your family more. Since you can set your own hours, you can arrange to be gone only while the kids are at school, so you will save money on day care, and you get to be the parent of your children. You also have the option to sleep late. However, if you would likely make more money, you can work around the schedules of your clients.

There are some drawbacks of which to be aware. The start up cost is not within everybody's reach. You do not get their name and guidance for free. You will have to give them royalty payments or a percentage of the profits. Even though you are your own boss, you still, in some form or another, answer to the main company. Often you must buy your supplies only from the Franchisor. None of them will offer a guarantee, and you need good business skills to make it work.
If you decide to try this, you will want to join with a commercial cleaning franchise that has proven successful and does not require too high a start up fee. You may also want one that only sells products that do not hurt the earth. Jani-King is one company selling earth friendly products, and that is worth considering.