Definition: Commercial lighting is defined as the provision of light in applications that are meant to satisfy the corporate world as opposed to individuals. This means that the whole venture is geared towards financial gain. With this in mind, target areas for commercial lighting include cinema halls, office buildings, commercial streets, business premises and sports arenas. These are areas with high human traffic.

Commercial lighting applications are as many and varied. Designers and manufacturers of commercial lighting fixtures must put into consideration the intended lighting application in mind for successful results. These considerations determine the extent at which aesthetic appeal and functionality are accentuated.

Special lighting considerations for different applications
The aspect of commercial lighting is not applied uniformly to all situations. On the contrary, a set of different considerations are made in tackling each unique scenario. To gain insight on how this particular type of lighting is applied one needs to take a closer look at the lighting demands of each situation.

Street lighting:
Roads are an important infrastructure in an economy. A good well maintained road system ensures the smooth flow of human and cargo traffic. With road transport been the most used means of transport, advertisers can leverage on this to market their products.

Commercial outdoor lighting provides a platform for advertiser and marketers to use road networks to advertise their brands. Some of the techniques which are used include use of digital screens and mounting billboards on lighting posts along major roads.

Sports venues:
Lighting considerations for sports venues are classified into two: indoor lighting or commercial outdoor lighting. For the indoor sports venues like bowling ball alleys and basket ball courts, a lighting system that produces illumination of similar order to a bright sunny day is required. The respective lighting fixtures are attached to the ceiling so that they are not in the direct line of sight of the spectators.
For outdoor games like football, powerful commercial exterior lighting systems like flood-lights are required to make up for the lack of surfaces for reflecting light.

As is the case with the street lighting, sports venues lighting fixtures present an excellent avenue for advertisers and marketers to reach their target audience.

Office buildings and business premises:
The important consideration here is providing light of mild intensity suitable for reading. Office buildings in particular are furnished with commercial lighting fixtures that are selected to complement the ceiling and wall colors.