There are many different situations where commercial power generation equipment is a must have item on the job site. This is often the case in remote areas where there is no current electrical or power sources available. In these situations it doesn't make financial sense to actually run the power grid to the job site, it makes more sense to have an onsite power generator that works off the grid.

Commercial  equipment can be different sizes to ensure that you have the power on site that is required. The typical range for gas or diesel systems is between 20kW to up to 16MW, which is capable of powering virtually anything you may have to run on the site. There is the option to use parallel systems which can really add to your power output. This doubling or paralleling of the systems also provides a built in redundancy in the case of a generator failure. While this is not a common issue, it can be a costly downtime that is avoidable with the redundancy in place. While you may not have full power to run all electrical equipment with just one system operational on the site you will have enough to run all the basics even on a major job.

Diesel engines are most common in the large sized commercial equipment but there is yet another option. Natural gas powered engines are becoming more and more popular for both large and small operations. Natural gas engines for power are extremely important to meet strict standards for emissions. In addition, these engines are ideal for a wide range of uses including on board ships, off-shore oil operations and any type of construction, mining or drilling operation in a remote area.

If you are interested in commercial  generation options and aren't sure which is the best option for your needs, you may want to consider renting a power generation system. This allows you to try out different options until you find the system that meets your specific requirements. This is also the best option if you only infrequently need a remote power generator or engine. Equipment that can provide all output levels is available just for the time that you need it, making it a cost saving feature for many operations.

Whether you are renting or buying, you will also need a variety of additional supplies to go with your commercial  system. You will need transformers to manage power, cables to carry power and transformer switches and distribution panels to ensure optimum safety and efficiency. There are some companies that offer a complete range of services and include installation with the cost of the rental or purchase. This is a great way to have experienced technicians with years of work in the field available to set up your system and troubleshoot any problems that may occur. Since high quality generators and engines require very little in the way of maintenance and repair outside of regular scheduled issues, often set-up is all that you will need assistance with.

When you need commercial power generation for a small or large job or project, it is important to work with a company that can provide all your needs. It is also critical to choose a company that has experience in the field and provides technicians and consultants that can ensure the equipment you select will perform to the level that you require. Doing some research and talking to different companies is a great way to determine which company offers all the features you want and is able to provide the equipment that you need.